You Have Only 1 Day Left To Nominate Kamiya Jani & Curly Tales For National Creators Award 2024

Nominate Curly Tales's Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani in three categories of the National Creators Award, NOW!

by Sanjana Shenoy
You Have Only 1 Day Left To Nominate Kamiya Jani & Curly Tales For National Creators Award 2024

Curly Tales fam, it’s time to express your love, support and appreciation for your favourite food and travel discovery platform! You have just one day left to nominate our Chief Travelling Officer, Kamiya Jani in three categories of the National Creators Award 2024. Helmed by the Indian government, the National Creators Award is the first-of-its-kind initiative to recognise and reward the contributions of digital creators. And what better way to motivate us to keep filling your feed with the best food and travel content from across India and the globe? Read on to know how you can nominate Kamiya for the National Creators Award 2024.

Curly Tales Can Make It To The National Creators Award 2024 With Your Support!

Kamiya Jani, the founder and CEO of Curly Tales, India’s number 1 food and travel discovery platform is one of the pioneers in the world of travel and food storytelling in India. Over the years, she has focussed on promoting sustainable tourism. And has put India’s travel gems on the map through her vivid storytelling. The government has recognised Kamiya and Curly Tales’s contribution.

Nominate Kamiya Jani In These 3 Categories

Show us your love and support by nominating Curly Tales and Kamiya Jani in the 3 categories mentioned below:

1. Cultural Brand Ambassador 

From the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dholavira to Nagaland’s unique Hornbill Festival, Kamiya has left no stone unturned in promoting the cultural heritage of India. Nominate her as the Cultural Brand Ambassador category as she has explored over 172 destinations, showcasing India’s cultural richness.

2. Best Travel Creator Award 

Having founded Curly Tales in 2017, Kamiya is a passionate traveller and storyteller who has highlighted the essence, uniqueness and rich culture of breathtaking Indian destinations. Be it the spiritual destination of Vaishno Devi or the pristine Radhanagar Beach in Andaman, she showcases the beauty of the length and breadth of India.

Also, under PM Modi’s direction, her two-part Doordarshan documentary series, Dharohar Bharat Ki: Punarutthan Ki Kahani created a positive impact on India’s tourism industry. Under this category, nominate her.

3. Best Creator In Food Category

Apart from being an avid traveller, Kamiya Jani is a passionate foodie. Moreover, she has embarked on various culinary journeys across India. Kamiya Jani has promoted local and even international cuisines on the platform, Curly Tales. The Editor-in-Chief has actively supported and even uplifted food entrepreneurs in the country. More importantly, given them a platform through Curly Tales to vocalise their experiences. So, go nominate her!

How Can You Nominate Kamiya?

The process to nominate Kamiya Jani for the 3 categories of the National Creators Awards 2024 is given below:

  • Head to the website
  • Click on “Nominate Now”
  • Select your nationality and fill in your details like name and mobile number
  • Click on “Receive OTP”
  • Add the OTP received on the mobile number submitted
  • After you log in, click on “Nominator for other”
  • Choose the category and fill out the details
  • Click “Submit”
  • Repeat the same process for all the categories

Also, while nominating Kamiya for the 3 categories, don’t forget to add the required data for the same. 

Nominee’s Primary Platform (Highest Followers)-  Curly Tales Facebook Link (3.6 Million Followers)

Nominee’s Secondary Platform (Second Highest Followers)- Curly Tales YouTube Link ( 2.9 Million Followers)


So, show your appreciation and support to Curly Tales and Kamiya Jani in the National Creators Award 2024.

Click HERE to nominate us. Hurry up, you have just one day to nominate us!