UAE Passport Holders Must Wait Till September For Schengen Visa

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Passport Holders Must Wait Till September For Schengen Visa

After Eid Al Adha and the long weekend over for us, the Schengen Visa delay still exists. People plan their en routes to escape but it’s of no use. If you are part of this group then let us inform you that bad news is approaching your way. UAE residents travelling to Schengen countries must wait till September for Visa.  Apply for your Schengen visa, as the demand is bringing out fewer slots for the same.

Book Your Schengen Visa Appointment

Many are trying to reschedule their holidays according to the availability of interview slots for Schengen Visa. The available slots are also a result of cancellations of previous bookings. But in such instances, only individual travellers would benefit. People travelling with families can’t find a profit out of this situation.
Many tourists are complaining about cancelling and rescheduling their plans due to this visa appointment issue. But not much has come out of this situation yet.


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Schengen Visa Will Take 15-18 Days Of Processing Time

There is not enough space in the consulates and embassies. They have reservations for Schengen visas in September. The majority of Schengen countries only have dates in September, while there may be one or two that might find a place in August.

For individuals who have visited the EU previously, the visa application process is quicker. Not sure as it can take longer for first-timers. The processing time gets reduced from the usual 15–18 days to just 10 days.

Schengen nations now require travellers to visit nations where they have scheduled appointments for visas or if they plan to spend more time there.

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