Your Europe Travel Plans Can Get Hit Because Of Delays In Schengen Visa

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Your Europe Travel Plans Can Get Hit Because Of Delays In Schengen Visa

The world is now open to travel and people have already planned their holidays. But a lot of large groups and families are now looking for other travel destinations alternatives because of long waits for tourist visas to Europe due to the increase in demand. People are looking out for countries with shorter visa processing times or easier visa norms to spend their vacation in.

Hard Time Getting Schengen Visa Appointment

Tourists who have applied for visas for Schengen countries like Greece, Italy, Spain, France and others are facing a hard time as the appointments are either getting postponed or cancelled due to the delays. Travel companies said that many tourists diverted their destinations to South Asian countries with faster visa norms after waiting for weeks for their Schengen visas. In some cases, the processing time is taking forever while in some cases the visa appointments are cancelled. In many countries in Europe, getting an appointment to submit a visa application takes between 15-20 days, and then it takes three to four weeks to receive the visa.

Pic Credits : Travel Daily News International

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No Clarity On Visa Affects Plans

Director of Travel Elect Private Limited and Treasurer of travel Agents’ Association, India, Pune, Mehboob Shaikh said that clients are required to make hotel and airline reservations months in advance. The uncertainty regarding visas until the travel date has impacted plans for many, with potential cancellations of bookings if visas do not arrive on time. He said that 5 to 10 per cent of his last-minute leisure clients had to be diverted to South Asian countries.

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