Your Weekend Party Just Got Affordable! Enjoy Beverages For Just Dhs10 At McGettigan’s JLT

by Deeplata Garde
Your Weekend Party Just Got Affordable! Enjoy Beverages For Just Dhs10 At McGettigan’s JLT

We believe in the policy of working hard and party harder. But also a firm believer in partying on a budget! So maximum time our time goes in searching for a place where we can party hard without burning a hole in our pocket. And finally, our prayers have been answered and we can’t be more thankful. McGettigan is offering beverages for just Dhs10 and we are putting our party shoes on!

McGettigan Is Offering Beverages For Just Dhs10

If you plan to stay in Dubai, you might want to visit McGettigan’s JLT on Friday, June 30, as you can score beverages for Dhs10.
Customers can buy a drinks coupon strip for Dhs50 for 5 tokens to use on a variety of drinks starting at 2 pm. On the promotion day, you have till 8 p.m. to use them up. You may enjoy the Grafton Street breakfast at McGettigan’s JLT on Saturdays as well. Seems like next week, we’re all in for a treat!

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Party People, Assemble On Saturday!


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Diners can anticipate unlimited beverages, pub fare, live music, and street performers at the Saturday event, which takes inspiration from Dublin’s Grafton Street.

The brunch is a laid-back event with pop-up drinks and market-style food that runs from 1 pm to 4 pm.

Do you prefer to socialise at night? Then the same unlimited drinks and pub fare are included in the after-brunch package, which runs from 5 pm to 8 pm.

This famous Irish Pub is a renowned place that witnesses large gatherings on weekends. If not this offer you are always welcome to sip some craft beers and other beverages at affordable prices. You can gather your friends for a game night as well and chug down some hops. There’s a live band event that is informed on their social media well in advance. So you can mark your calendars for some specific entertainment events at Mcgettigans. Ride the bull or relish some really scrumptious food. Don’t miss out on their fresh fries and burger combos that go really well with some beverages.

So whom are you bringing along?

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