9 Zero-Waste Cafes In Mumbai That Let You Takeaway Coffee In Your Own Mug

Zero-Waste Cafes Mumbai Coffee Takeaway
by Suchismita Pal
by Suchismita Pal 1772

Plastic pollution is one of the most alarming issues in today’s world. While jute and paper bags are often suggested as alternatives to single-use plastics, in the larger picture, plastics are still used in various forms like plastic bottles, plastic cups, etc. in our day to day lives. To make Mumbai plastic-free, some cafes have launched the BYOM- Bring Your Own Mug initiative. From these cafes, customers can have coffee takeaways in their own mugs. And as rewards, they will get incentives too. Isn’t that super cool? Here are 4 Mumbai cafes that are giving discounts for BYOM takeaways now:

1. Kala Ghoda Cafe

Kala Ghoda Cafe, known for amazing coffees and wines is giving 15% to buyers who bring their own mugs. The cafe remains open for takeaway from Monday to Friday. You can place your order online and then pick it up from the cafe.


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2.  Blue Tokai

Blue Tokai is one of the most adored brands among coffee aficionados. It is one of the first coffee roasters in India. You can grab a discount of 5% by bringing your own mug for coffee takeaways from here.

3. Boojee Cafe

This cutesy cafe in Bandra with chilled-out vibes is perfect for quality time with friends or bae. And if you avail coffee takeaways from here in your own mug, the guys will give you a discount of 10%.


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4.  Subko Cafe

This is another pretty eatery in Bandra with a blend of vintage and modern vibes. You can get 10% discount here for bringing your own mugs for takeaways.

Other Cafes That Are Allowing BYOM

A few other cafes in the city are also allowing takeaways in personal mugs. Though they aren’t giving discounts, they are still helping in the elimination of wastes. As BYOM isn’t just an offer, it is a fight for a cause too. Other cafes allowing BYOM are:

5. The Bagel Shop

6. Pali Village Cafe

7. Kitchen Garden

8. Bird Song Cafe

9. Coffee by Di Bella

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