Zomato CEO Becomes Delivery Agent For Friendship Day; Netizens Say “Swiggy Over Zomato Today”

by Shreya Shriyan
Zomato CEO Becomes Delivery Agent For Friendship Day; Netizens Say “Swiggy Over Zomato Today”

Imagine ordering food from Zomato, and expecting a delivery agent at your doorstep with the food. But they also give you a friendship band with your food. Oh! and wait, the delivery agent is none other than Zomato CEO, Deepinder Goyal himself. Well, it was a possibility for a few on Friendship Day as the CEO decided to take on the delivery agent role, himself. 

Zomato CEO Delivers “Food And Friendship” On Friendship Day

On August 6, Zomato CEO Deepinder Goyal celebrated Friendship Day by personally delivering meals and friendship bracelets. Goyal shared on X (formerly Twitter) that he would be handing out these gifts to delivery executives, customers, and restaurant partners.

The food-tech giant’s founder expressed how he would be delivering food and friendship bands to his delivery and restaurant partners, and also their customers. He further went on to say how this was the “best Sunday ever!”  The CEO took to X to share pictures of himself holding a bunch of friendship bands that read “ best food friends forever.”

He also shared an image of himself sitting in a Royal Enfiled Bike, dawning the Zomato uniform. While of course, the move was a marketing bait, it didn’t stop netizens from finding the gesture heartwarming. 

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Netizens Were Quick To React To The CEO’s “Role Change”

X users were quick to rush to the comments to express their thoughts on the CEO’s role change for Friendship Day. One user by the name @0xashesonchain said “ Zomato orders over Swiggy as everyone hoping to meet the CEO” with a rising graph sign. Another user said how they placed an order on BlinkIt, hoping to meet the CEO.  

The tweet read “ Kya baat hai sir. I ordered something from Blinkit today and expected you would come. CEO sahab ke saath ek autograph ho jata with a friendship band.” One user even joked about this being the CEO’s “second income” saying “One must learn from Deepinder, It is always good to have a second source of Income :p” 

This is not the CEO’s first time posting about his “second income.” Goyal has previously also taken on the role of a Zomato delivery person. On New Year’s Eve, he personally delivered a few app orders, sharing his first drop at the Zomato office, reported Hindustan Times.

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In total, he completed four deliveries, stated the report. It is also an interesting observation that his X bio states, “Delivery boy at Zomato.” Well, after his latest witty “delivery”, the Internet might just agree with his bio. 

Cover image courtesy: @deepigoyal / Twitter