Zomato Delivery Man Rides Through Flooded Bengaluru Streets To Deliver Food Amid Pouring Rain

by Shreya Ghosh
Zomato Delivery Man Rides Through Flooded Bengaluru Streets To Deliver Food Amid Pouring Rain

Being a delivery agent is not easy! They need to be on their toes to deliver orders at any hour in bad weather conditions as well. Recently, a video of something similar is making rounds on social media. We all know about the heavy rain and flooded situation of Bengaluru and a Zomato delivery man was seen delivering his orders in such situations. Read on to know more about this Zomato delivery executive.

Zomato Delivery Man Delivers Food Orders Through Flooded Bengaluru Streets

A Twitter user named Vinisha Panjikar took to her Twitter to share a video of a delivery agent working hard to fulfill his responsibilities.

This video clearly shows how they forget to care about themselves because of their jobs and duties. Walking on flooded streets can lead to so many diseases but they do not bother to think about their safety. Rather they focus on delivering orders to our doorsteps. Kudos to them for their immense dedication.

In this video shared by Vinisha Panjikar, it can be clearly seen how this Zomato delivery man is walking on a flooded street with clogged water up to his knee. He somehow manages to move forward while searching for the address and tracking down the home to deliver the orders. Vinisha uploaded the short clip captioning, ‘The real Superheroes. Delivering even in heavy floods and rain. Hats off to the dedication.’ She also tagged Zomato and Deepinder Goyal (Founder & CEO of Zomato).

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Twitterati Have Contrasting Views On This Viral Video

Zomato’s Twitter account also replied to this viral tweet.

Netizens have mixed reactions to this viral video of the Zomato delivery executive working in such a situation. While some praised him for his efforts, others felt it could have been extremely harmful to walk in those flooded and clogged dirty water streets.

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Lastly, all we can say is that these delivery executives are the real heroes of our society. For them, we can enjoy the luxury of getting anything and everything delivered to our homes at any point in time.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Vinisha Panjikar @vinisha77