Zomato To Display Number On Delivery Agents’ Bags To Report Overspeeding Drivers

by Sushmita Mahanta
Zomato To Display Number On Delivery Agents’ Bags To Report Overspeeding Drivers

India’s largest Food Delivery, Dining, and Restaurant Discovery Service Zomato has announced that delivery riders will now have a number on their bags that can be used to report speeding issues. Well, it is no secret that the food delivery company is totally against compromising rider’s safety, and the decision to allow reporting of overspeeding issues is proof of the same! The decision was announced by Zomato founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal and was taken at Zomato’s first annual general meeting (AGM), held on August 30, 2022, to make deliveries safer. Read on to find out more about the decision and team Zomato’s take on it.

Zomato Does Not Compromise On Safety

CEO Deepinder Goyal during the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) on August 30, revealed the decision of putting the display number for reporting overspeeding issues. Goyal focused on how Zomato never compromises on safety.
“Safety has always been a priority for Zomato and no compromises have been or will be made here.” Adding more to it, Deepinder Goyal said, “We do not incentivize riders to deliver an order quickly. We don’t even tell them what the estimated delivery time is. If someone is speeding, it is of their own accord. We will put phone number on their bags. ..if they are speeding you can report it to us” Well, overspeeding should always be condemned and Zomato’s new decision to allow reporting of such acts is totally commendable!

The Food-delivery Company To Narrow Its Focus To Three Areas

While addressing shareholders during the Annual general meeting (AGM) of Zomato on August 30, Zomato’s Chairman Kaushik Dutta said that the company has decided to narrow its focus on three key areas that include quick commerce, supplies to restaurants through ‘Hyperpure,’ and food delivery and ordering. The move of focus on three key areas was taken because these areas have the potential to become meaningfully large businesses in the future. There were around 41 shareholders who registered as speakers at the Zomato AGM. Speaking about the overspending issue and rider’s safety, Chairman Kaushik Dutta said, “It has always been a priority for us.” Meanwhile, Akshant Goyal, Zomato’s chief financial officer stressed the fact that the company expects to show profits in the next few quarters.

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