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Tired of carrying heavy luggage while traveling? Guess what? You can now ride it with Modobag.

Ride or Walk – It’s your decision

What Is It? 

The first ever luggage bag that is equipped with a motorized running carry-on that lets you ride it. If you’re not willing to carry your luggage anymore, you can now sit on it and ride it until you get inside the plane. No more long walks at International airports! Phew! It’s the size of a regular airline carry bag, but with amenities that you can’t even dream about. With a handle that allows you to navigate your direction and speed, it sounds fascinating!


Manufactured by the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign in Chicago, this Modobag will cost you $1,495 at online and retail stores.

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What’s In It? 

Although, 20 per cent of the bag’s capacity is already omitted, it still forms a pretty exciting travel buddy. The battery, motor pieces and other vital equipment comprises of the 20 per cent that is missing out of luggage space.

Image Credit – PC World

Along with that, it comes with a USB chargeable socket for your mobile phone and tablets. The bag is the size of your hand carry bag so you can easily keep it beside you while flying.

What’s Unique? 

The best part about Modobag has to be the speed it provides for riding. The average speed it gives to an individual is about 8 mph (12.8 kph), which is pretty decent considering its main purpose is to be a luggage carrier bag. Giving you a really good mean speed to reach to places without having to carry your luggage, it’s 3 times faster than walking!


Apart from that, the maximum weight it can carry is nearly 260 lbs (118 kg), which is also a good number.

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It’s a perfect travel bag for urban youngsters and tech savvy travelers. You can now ride your luggage without a worry in the world.

Booking: www.modobag.com

Image Credit – YouTube

Plenty of offers and discounts are being offered on the purchase of the Modobag. Basically, the manufacturers are giving you a good deal that won’t let you feel disappointed on your purchase. Grab yours now!

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