₹25 Crore Worth Kingfisher Beer Seized In Karnataka After Chemical Test Results!

by Shreya Rathod
₹25 Crore Worth Kingfisher Beer Seized In Karnataka After Chemical Test Results!

Kingfisher is a popular Indian beer brand that has gained popularity around the world. It is brewed by the United Breweries Group in Bangalore. Recently, the Kingfisher beer bottles were seized by the excise department in Karnataka after a chemical test. Here are the details of why the beer worth crores was confiscated.

Kingfisher Beer Seized In Karnataka

kingfisher beer
Credits: Kingfisher/ Instagram

Beer worth ₹25 crores had been confiscated in Mysuru by the Karnataka state excise department. The action was taken after the beer’s chemical test results said that it was unfit for Human consumption.

The excise department reportedly instructed the officials to destroy the beer stock that failed the chemical test. Kingfisher Strong Beer and Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer with batch numbers 7C and 7E have sediments, according to a complaint filed by the Excise Superintendent of Nanjangud on July 28.

On July 17, 2023, these batches were created in United Breweries Limited’s Nanjangud facility. As a result, they have been sent for chemical analysis. The Superintendent also urged the department to confiscate the stock prior to the arrival of the lab test findings.

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Report From The Chemical Examiner

kingfisher beer
Credits: Kingfisher/ Instagram

According to A Ravishankar, Deputy Commissioner of Excise, Mysore Rural, they received a report from the chemical examiner on August 2 stating that both the brands (with batch Nos. 7E and 7C) were not fit for consumption. Following the report, they instructed all DCs and Excise DCs in writing to take additional action. And it included destroying such stocks. United Breweries Limited has not yet responded to the excise department’s assertion.

A person in Telangana had earlier complained in writing to the district collector about the scarcity of Kingfisher beer in his area. He wanted to start this discussion since there are rumours that residents of his area drink cheap spirits and have health problems.

He further argued that many accidents occur when people are compelled to go great distances to purchase their preferred drink because they are so desperate to have it.

The company released a statement, which read, “United Breweries Ltd. was notified of a slight haze in a small percentage of bottles from an approved batch of Kingfisher Ultra beer produced on July 15th at one of our breweries located in Nanjangud, Mysuru district. While the haze isn’t a health risk, we’re addressing concerns by collaborating with authorities, taking remedial steps, and prioritizing transparency and cooperation. All our products adhere to the prescribed regulatory guidelines and meet the high-quality standards of United Breweries Ltd.”

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Cover Image Courtesy: Kingfisher/ Instagram