10 Best Places In Azerbaijan That Will Take Your Breath Away

This diverse country has something to captivate your senses

by Priyanka Fernandes
10 Best Places In Azerbaijan That Will Take Your Breath Away

Azerbaijan, the Land of Fire, is a hidden gem in the Caucasus region, offering a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and modern marvels. From the bustling streets of its capital, Baku, to the serene landscapes of its countryside, Azerbaijan promises an array of breathtaking experiences. Whether you’re a history buff, nature enthusiast, or adventure seeker, this diverse country has something to captivate your senses. Join us as we explore ten of the most stunning places in Azerbaijan that will leave you in awe.

1. Quba

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Located in northeastern Azerbaijan, Quba is known for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Just 168 kilometres from Baku, it features stunning landscapes, apple orchards, and hiking in the Qechresh Forest. Renowned for carpet weaving, Quba has historical sites like the Sakine Khanum mosque and a 16th-century mausoleum. Nearby, the mountain villages of Laza and Khinalig and the historic Red Village with the Mountain Jew’s synagogue and museum offer rich cultural experiences.

2. Baku

Baku, Places In Azerbaijan
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Baku, Azerbaijan’s capital, blends modern skyscrapers with historic sites like the UNESCO-listed Old City, Maiden Tower, and Palace of the Shirvanshahs. Iconic attractions include the Flame Towers and Heydar Aliyev Center. The city offers rich cultural experiences, vibrant nightlife, and delicious Azerbaijani cuisine. Visitors can explore religious sites such as Taza Pir Mosque and Ateshgah.

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3. Lankaran

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Lankaran, in southern Azerbaijan along the Caspian Sea, blends ancient history from Persian, Ottoman, and Russian influences. Its appeal lies in its sandy beaches, clear waters, and lush landscapes, perfect for sunbathing and water sports. The Old Town features historic mosques, traditional homes, and the enduring Lankaran Fortress, while the Khan’s Palace highlights Azerbaijani artistry with intricate woodwork and vibrant frescoes. Lankaran is one of the captivating places in Azerbaijan.

4. Khinalug

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Azerbaijan’s highest village in the Greater Caucasus Mountains, Khinal ug, offers ancient traditions and breathtaking landscapes. Accessible via a winding mountain road, it features narrow stone alleys, traditional houses, and terraced fields. Known for its unique dialect, weaving techniques, and local honey, Khinalug also boasts religious sites, ancient mosques, and a museum showcasing its rich heritage. Local homestays offer a deeper immersion into Khinalug’s customs, making it a must-visit for travellers seeking authentic experiences.

5. Naftalan

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Naftalan, Azerbaijan, is known for its unique naphthalene oil field. This oil has exceptional therapeutic properties and is used in treatments like oil baths for over 70 ailments. The city offers modern amenities, cultural attractions, and products derived from Naftalan oil, making it a destination for wellness, relaxation, and artistic exploration.

6. Ganja

Ganja, Places In Azerbaijan
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Ganja, Azerbaijan’s second-largest city, blends ancient charm with modern attractions like the Nizami Mausoleum, the Bottle House, and Heydar Aliyev Park. Its cultural scene thrives with museums, galleries, and historic architecture on Javad Khan Street. Modern highlights include the Ganja State Philharmonic Hall and lively Heydar Aliyev Square, making Ganja a vibrant destination with deep historical roots.

7. Gabala

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Gabala, in Azerbaijan’s northwest, offers scenic beauty and rich history. Highlights include Tufandag Mountain Resort’s cable car, paragliding, and ancient sites like Gabala’s ruins. Nohur Lake is for water sports, and Tufandag Ski Resort is for winter activities. The city hosts an international music festival, blending nature, culture, and adventure for travellers. Gabala is one of the must-visit places in Azerbaijan.

8. Shahdag

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Shahdag, nestled in Azerbaijan’s Greater Caucasus range, offers year-round magnificence and adventure. At 4243 meters, it’s home to the country’s largest mountain resort, a haven for skiing, snowboarding, and outdoor activities like sledging, zip-lining, and paragliding. The resort features luxurious spas, diverse dining options, and access to Shahdag National Park, known for its rare wildlife and stunning biodiversity. Whether seeking excitement or tranquillity, Shahdag promises an unforgettable alpine retreat.

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9. Sheki

Sheki, Places In Azerbaijan
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Sheki, also known as Shaki, is a historic Azerbaijani city celebrated for its stunning landscapes, ancient architecture, and vibrant cultural heritage. Highlights include the iconic Khan’s Palace with exquisite stained glass and wood carvings and Sheki Fortress, which offers panoramic views. Visitors can explore the ancient Albanian Church in Kish village and the bustling Sheki Caravanserai, a vital stop on the Silk Road. Sheki provides access to the beautiful Caucasus Mountains for hiking and waterfall discovery in lush forests.

10. Sumqayit

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Sumqayit, a port city along Azerbaijan’s Caspian Sea coast, is known for its historical sites, including a 12th-century Old City and vibrant cultural venues like the National Art Gallery. It offers outdoor activities like hiking and beach visits, with Absheron National Park nearby for wildlife enthusiasts. Sumqayit’s culinary scene features fresh local dishes, while its sandy beaches and azure sea views add to its allure as a travel destination.

Azerbaijan offers diverse landscapes and rich cultural experiences for travellers. From the ancient charm of Sheki to the modern vibrancy of Baku and the stunning mountains of Shahdag, these places in Azerbaijan promises an unforgettable experience. Pack your bags and discover the enchanting beauty of Azerbaijan.

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