10 Highlights Of GITEX GLOBAL That’s Happening In Dubai

by Deeplata Garde
10 Highlights Of GITEX GLOBAL That’s Happening In Dubai

Gulf Information Technology Exhibition a.k.a GITEX is a global tech event that takes place in UAE for a week. GITEX GLOBAL has been an indisputable technology event for the past 41 years. It features every significant technology company, trend, and vertical. It majorly covers industries such as smart cities, cybersecurity, the data economy, mobility, healthcare, and telecom. This event is responsible for connecting 7 tech hubs along 100,000+ business connections.

10 Highlights Of GITEX GLOBAL

1. Flying Car

GITEX Global
Pic Creds: XPeng Instagram

This week, GITEX GLOBAL hosted a presentation of the X2 flying car. The demonstration in Dubai featured the public takeoff, flight, and safe landing of the fifth-generation X2 “flying automobile.” The business, Xpeng, also provided an update on its sixth-generation flying automobile,

2. Dubai Government Initiatives

GITEX brought together 250 government organisations, including the Dubai Digital Authority and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. They are in charge of important digital projects and public-private collaborations.

3. Driverless Taxi

At the GITEX GLOBAL technology exhibition, the first autonomous taxis from Dubai are on show. The Roads and Transport Authority demonstrated the driverless taxis. Next year, Cruise Origin taxis will be made available as a service, making Dubai one of the pioneering cities.

4. Metaverse

GITEX 3.0’s 42nd edition, which includes seven different technology themes in the field of metaverses, is the most significant version. The TMRW Foundation, together with Dicentra Land, and GITEX Global 2022 will debut the X-Verse event, It’s the most immersive metaverse adventure in the world that features 28 experimental brands.

5. Hololens 2

Microsoft releases the HoloLens 2 device. It uses cutting-edge Metaverse technologies to give travellers a special experience by letting them virtually see destinations.

6. Global DevSlam

Additionally, “Global DevSlam,” the largest gathering for Middle Eastern programmers and developers, will take place at GITEX GLOBAL 2022.

7. Dubai Police launches New Version of its Smart App

This declaration was made on the second day of GITEX GLOBAL 2022, held at the Dubai World Trade Center. They launched their app in 7 different languages. These seven languages are available on the app: Arabic, English, Russian, German, Chinese, French, and Spanish. The innovation was put into use to identify serious accidents like car collisions and automatically send out a distress signal (SOS) in the event of a serious traffic accident.


The revolutionary Integrated 3D Holographic Display System, offering viewers an immersive experience, was the creation of the multi-award-winning British business, HYPERVSN. Users can also build and modify unique 3D content with HYPERVSN’s user-friendly technology without any specialised knowledge.


Swiss-Mile surveillance robot,Mwafeq Robot, by Dewa, Ottobot by Ottonomy and BHS technology robot microscope are the robots to look out at GITEX GLOBAL. Each robot has its unique characteristic to charm you.

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10. Dubai Municipality Rescuer

The most recent development for the Dubai Municipality’s Coastal Rescue and Safety System is the first aid for drowning victims. We can launch it on “auto-pilot” to follow a fixed route or remotely controlled. The department formed it to assure the safe and precise placement of rescue buoys or rafts for people in need.

When: 10th- 14th of October, 11 am till 5 pm
Where: Dubai World Trade Centre.

This year, GITEX GLOBAL will welcome more than 4,500 businesses, thousands of displays, and more than 100,000 visitors from 170 different nations.

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