10 Indian Beers You Should Know Of (That You Didn’t Know Existed!)

by Askmen
10 Indian Beers You Should Know Of (That You Didn’t Know Existed!)

You may have started thinking that it’s summer and time to bring out your one and only favourite drink–the lager–into the chill picture, but if we were to have a quiz on beer, would you be game? Of course, you would.

Then name a few Indian beers that you not only know the names of, but have also tasted. Kingfisher, aside.

Okay, it is a legit question because our country has some really crazy stuff to offer and it’s time to savour these well along with your Hoegaarden and Tuborg.

Here we go:

1. Bira 91

Image Courtesy: Hicask

There’s White, then there’s Blonde. The taste, oh the taste.

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2. Haywards 5000

This homie has an 8% alcohol content. Not bad, isn’t it?

3. Taj Mahal

One of the beers that get exported to countries like the United KingdomWaah Taj!

4. White Rhino

Image Courtesy: hungryforever

Indeed light, hazy and refreshing–this craft beer.

5. King’s

Some of the best memories in Goa are made with this stud by your side. And he’s far from burning a hole in your pocket, at 40 bucks per bottle.

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6. Godfather

How about a re-run of the Don Corleone series with this Don in hand?

7. Cobra

Probably, just one would be enough to get you to do that naagin dance.

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8. Flying Horse

Quite an interesting name for a lager, don’t you think?

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9. Maharaja

The King of the lot.

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10. Knock Out

He’s a strong boy. Try him, we say.


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