10 Off-Beat Things To Do In Bandra West

by Anvi Doshi
10 Off-Beat Things To Do In Bandra West

How many of us have bunked lectures and made our way to chill at Candies on Pali Hill? Bandra’s vibe is extremely amorphous. It’s like meeting an old friend whom you can simply be with, just as you are, unafraid of judgments. It lets you be and that’s probably we keep returning here, over and over again. However, Bandra for a lot of us is about Shahrukh’s ‘Mannat’ or Bandstand, the popular sea-facing spot. But there’s more to Bandra than meets the eye and here are 9 things we think you should try the next time around.

1. Come In Early For The Best Kanda Bhaji Breakfast At Chimbai Village

Located off Jogger’s Park, this lane probably defines the pulse of Bandra. Squished rows of houses and a certain buzz of local chatter is omnipresent, even in the wee hours of morning. You might just feel like you’ve stepped in Goa, given the Portuguese inspired architecture. However, Chimbai is most popular for its breakfast scenes. Stuff yourself on hottest Vada Pavs  and fresh Mirchi Bhajis made my aunties nestled on the pavement. But the people here await a tiny black cart that dishes out the best Kanda Bhajis you might have laid your hands on.

FYI: You have to reach around 7 a.m. because they sell out within the hour.

2. Take A Stroll Among The Life-Size Murals Of Bazaar Road 

This is probably one of the most fun things to do when you’re in Bandra. Bazaar Road is synonymous to street art. Its walls house some of the coolest graffiti and the themes range from socio-political slogans to Big B. Here and there you might just spot a random mural that’s extremely pretty. A walk through these lanes is probably the best way to digest those bhajis (that’s what we did).

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Image Credits: Tripzuki

3. Skip The Usual Linking Road Fanfare And Shop At Hill Road Instead

As popular as Linking Road is for its street shopping, Hill Road’s got the better goods. Not only does it house the latest collections from biggies (Zara, H&M, Vero Moda, ONLY, etc.) the prices are 1/5th the showroom ones. The garment quality is superior and you can haggle your way further for additional discount. We especially dig the range of cute pajamas and printed shorts that are on display.

FYI: When shopping, do check for lose buttons and whenever possible, try your garments. Even the tiniest shops here have a trial room for this purpose.

4. Stop By At One Of The Many Tucked-In Cafes For A Cuppa

We’d suggest you stop by at Birdsong Cafe for their Hot Chocolate purely for its deliciousness. They also make a mean Cappuccino which is served with a cube of Keto-friendly chocolate that’s makes for a perfect companion to the brew. Another one of our favorites here is Poetry by Love & Cheesecake that serves spectacular flavored Lattes (try the hazelnut one). And lastly, we’d recommend you score the bylanes a bit because there’s a chance you might just walk across a newly opened cafe.

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Image Credits: The City Story

Birdsong Cafe (Details)
Address: Birdsong Cafe,  Jenu Jenai, Shop No. 1-5, Off. Hill Road, Waroda Road, Ranwar, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Timings: 9 am – 11:30 pm
Cost: Rs 1,400 for two (approx)
Contact: 022 26422323, 022 26423939

Poetry by Love & Cheesecake (Details)
Address: Poetry by Love & Cheesecake, Pali Darshan, Junction of 16th & 33rd road, Linking Road, Bandra West
Timings: 8 am – 12:30 pm
Cost: Rs 1,000 for two (approx)
Contact: +91 8291295412, +91 9819935135

5. If You’re Lucky, You Might Just Stumble Upon A Live Jam Session At Carter Road

Around the open amphitheater opposite Cafe Coffee Day on Carter Road, there’s usually a bunch of amateur musicians who come around in the evening to jam. Their songs range from Guns & Roses to Kailash Kher’s ‘Saiyaan’ and it’s a delight to simply sit on the steps and hum along. However, there are no fixed events and your best chances are to just stumble upon one of these performances and bag a seat. (Psst… it’s free of cost.)

6. Stop By Bandra Reclamation For A Killer Sunset 

Thanks to recent endeavors, Bandra Reclamation has now a park to its name. But the true winner is the sunset view it garners. Sit by the sea and watch one of the prettiest sunsets of your life. If the day is a bit cloudy, you’re luckier than you know. There’ll be hues of grey and pink as the sun sets on the horizon and there are high chances that you might not be able to peel your eyes off from the sky.

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7. Love Memorabilia? Head To Title Waves For The Best Collectibles

Known as one of the most accessed bookstores in Mumbai, Title Waves houses the newest fictional/non-fictional titles. But what very few people know is this: it also houses a tiny store that offers the best collectibles. From Funko Pop to original Tin Tin miniatures (they have Dragon Ball Z ones too), this shop boasts of Harry Potter themed memorabilia, tee-shirts and even posters.  Of course we waved the Elder wand quite a few times, followed by “Riddikulus!”

Image Credits: The City Story

Address: Title Waves, St Pauls Media Complex 24th Road Opp Duruelo Convent School, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050
Timings: 10 am – 9 pm
Contact: 022 2651 0841

8. Trade-off The Popular Restaurants For This Hidden Food Gem

If you love Bandra as much as we do, you cannot NOT know Jimmie’s Kitchen on Hill Road. A fiery red shop window is the only indication of its existence, but once you step in, there’s a ratty staircase that leads you to the upper level. Jimmie’s is very popular among the locals and it’s frequently visited for its Chinese food. Their Steamed Wantons are a total winner but the true brilliance lies in their Fu Chi Rice.

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Address: Jimmie’s Kitchen, 12, St Peter Road, Off, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Timings: 11 am – 11:30 pm
Cost: Rs 1,000
Contact: 022 26436301, 022 65048864

9. Enjoy Pocket-Friendly Party Scenes At Yacht 

Known to be the more recently renovated cousin to the infamous Janta’s, this is just the place for you to have a mini-party without burning a hole in your pocket. Yacht offers drinks at dirt cheap rates and has a wide range of nibbles on offer. A popular hangout joint for college students, this is where you should rave when it’s the month end. We’d say, end your Bandra exploration here, with a couple of drinks and a trail of new memories.

Address: Yacht, Near Bandstand & St Andrews Church, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Timings: 10 am – 12 am
Cost: Rs 900 for two (approx)
Contact: 022 26422718

10. Explore Ranwar Village