10 Weird Things People Do On Planes

Traveling can be quite an experience. With some people having fears of heights and motion sickness, to others just enjoying a laid back long haul flight. However, in one my recent trips, I noticed some weird things that happen mid-air. So here’s a list of top 10 strange things people do on planes.

1. Kicking and Pushing Seats

Haven’t we all traveled with that one passenger always moving around their seats? It gets an uncomfortable journey, especially if you are the one sitting in front and bearing the brunt of all the kicks and pushes of the seat behind you. Budget Airlines with tightly spaced seats, we are looking at you!


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2. Invade Personal Space

Now sometimes, this might be unintentional while sometimes it’s just creepy. Now no one wants a drooling neighbor on the seat trying to use you as a pillow. But oh well, we have all traveled with those, and they can sure be annoying as hell.

Weird things on flights

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3. Snore Like No Tomorrow

We do know that some folks cannot control this one. But it can still be an unpleasant experience for travelers when there is a heavy snorer around. Its just weird, if not irritating to be around such passengers.


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4. Let Their Kids Roam Free

Kids can be quite a handful on flights. Tight spaces, long journeys, and crowds; all of it can be a taxing experience for the kids, making them cranky. So when parents let their restless kids move about in the flight, it may not be an ideal journey for the other passengers. And lets not even get all the wailing and tantrums!

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5. Get Drunk

With some airlines are liberal with liquor onboard, and passengers love sipping on their favorite spirits. But its all turns awkward when they drink more than they can handle. Yikes! That can be one heck of an unpleasant experience. From drunk behaviors to puking passengers, this is one experience we don’t wish to have.

drunk on flight

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6. Use The Tray Table As Changing Table

This one just makes me want to puke! Yikes! The thought of someone having changed their baby’s diaper on the tray table when there is a washroom available is just not something a lot of us would like to imagine. This is weird practice and unhygienic by all means.

Weird things on flight

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7. Nail Paint

We understand that pre-travel days can be a hectic experience. And of course, we all need some grooming and self-care before we hit the road again. However, manicures with people cutting their nails or painting them with the smell of the nail paint wafting around is not a pleasant experience for any onlooker on the flight.

weird things in flights

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8. Facial In The Air

Taking self-care a step further, there has been a recent trend of doing facials mid- air. While this may be a great idea to make the most of a long haul flight, we think it can be messy and tad bit unhygienic for the other passengers.


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9. Take their Shoes/Socks Off

Some people like taking their socks and shoes off to relax entirely while on their flight. However, it can be a harrowing experience for the co passengers having to bear the foul smell of sweaty feet.

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10. Get Into PDA

While the thought of this might be cute, it can be a cringe or a weird experience for people traveling with families with an enthusiastic couple around. So maybe, couples can tone down on the PDA, especially with little children around.

weird things in flight

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