10-Year Golden Visa Fee Has Tripled And Here Is All You Should Note About It!

Middle East
by Deeplata Garde

Do you remember the price of the 10-year Golden Visa surging to double the amount? Yeah, there ain’t any good update on it. In fact, things seem to lean more towards the expensive side. The price for the same has now tripled and we can hear the complaining. Let’s try to understand all new updates regarding the visa fee change.

UAE Triples Application Fees Of 10-Yr Golden Visa

According to local media sources, the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship, Customs and Ports Security (ICP) of the UAE has raised the application fees for the 10-year Golden Visa.

The Dhs50 application fee has been increased to Dhs150. The government advised that electronic and smart services are included in the increased charge. Foreigners applying for a golden visa have been instructed by the ICP to check their status on its application or website.

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January 2023 Saw A Spike In Fees On Emirates ID & Other Visas

UAE visa costs increased by Dhs 100 as of January 18, 2023. The Emirates ID, resident, and visitor visas all had higher fees. Any documents that were charged were noted with additional fees beginning on January 18th.

Beginning in 2023, the UAE stopped allowing holders of visiting visas to extend those visas internally. The new regulation requires travellers to leave the country and reapply if they want to stay a little longer.

This was the most recent change to the visa, Emirates ID, and residence systems in recent years. In the UAE, visitor permits can no longer be renewed. Instead, owners must depart the country and return with a new visa. The ICP recently upped the fine for overstaying a visa in the country. And now the cost to apply for a 10-year Golden Visa has tripled.

We can’t anticipate what changes in fees or other updates for visa applications are coming next!

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