Applying For Emirates ID Or Visa? You Might Have To Pay Dhs 100 Extra!

by Deeplata Garde
Applying For Emirates ID Or Visa? You Might Have To Pay Dhs 100 Extra!

If you plan to visit UAE then let us inform you that you might have to spend a little extra money on that Visa. UAE Visa fees have increased by Dhs 100 starting from 18th January 2023. The increased fees have been applicable to Emirates ID, resident visas, and visit visas. All the documents will charge you the mentioned extra fees effective from 18th January itself.

ICP Portal Confirms The Announcement Of Emirates ID & Visa

The previous fee to apply for Emirates ID was Dhs 270 which is now increased to Dhs 370 and similarly, a one-month visit visa would charge you the same.

The UAE halted the possibility for holders of visitor visas to renew their visas inside the nation at the beginning of 2023, and the new law compels tourists to depart the country and reapply if they wish to stay a bit longer.

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What Are The Fines On Over Stay In Emirates Post The Increased Fee Development?

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This is the most current in a series of recent modifications to the visa, Emirates ID and residency system. Visitor visas can no longer be reissued inside the UAE. Instead, holders must leave the nation and return with a new visa. Additionally, the ICP recently increased the penalty for overstaying a visa in the nation to Dh50. Overstaying visitors and tourists will now be charged Dh50 per day rather than Dh100. Overstayers on residence visas would be charged Dh50 per day rather than Dh25.

So we guess planning an Emirates visit during such times can be more expensive than you expected.

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