UAE Visa System: Take Note Of These New Reforms

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Visa System: Take Note Of These New Reforms

The UAE has made major changes to its visa policy for residents of other GCC countries. The reforms are specifically designed to improve security in the country. It will help tourists get proper documentation ahead of time. All travellers from more than 140 countries can obtain a UAE visa free of charge, with just a few documents needed.

Things You Must Know About the New Visa System in the UAE

It’s expected that these changes will significantly impact travel from other countries as well. The machine-readable passports issued by the Ministry of Interior place the Emirati passport as having the highest value in the Arab world.  The revised strategy intends to entice professionals, specialists, creators, and skilled workers to the Emirates.

1. Green Visa

Without even a sponsor or employer, this new track offers competent workers a five-year residency. The visa is open to skilled people with a current work contract and a monthly salary of at least Dh15,000, independent contractors, and investors.

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2.Golden Visa

More categories of persons can now qualify for the desired 10-year visa.
Professionals with higher skill levels are eligible for long-term residency. It comes with a minimum monthly wage requirement of Dh30,000. Previously it was Dh50,000.

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Medicine, science, engineering, information technology, business, and administration are some of the disciplines. Other disciplines include law, culture, and social sciences. Candidates should fall under the first or second occupational level. Having a current work contract in the United Arab Emirates is essential.

3.Grace Period After Visa Cancellation

Expats typically have 30 days after their residency visa expires to depart the country or obtain a new one. However, the new approach would provide customizable grace periods that can last up to six months. It’s not entirely apparent if this applies to all different kinds of visas.

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4.Family Sponsorship

There is now no upper age limit for single daughters. The sponsorship eligibility age for sons has increased from 18 to 25 for all home types. Without regard to age, children with determination are given a residency visa. They can even enrol their first-degree relatives through Green Residency.

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Here is a thorough explanation of the new services introduced by the extensive revisions.

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