UAE Visa Application For Family: Know The Validity Of Entry Permit, Fines Of Overstaying

by Ishita Agarwal
UAE Visa Application For Family: Know The Validity Of Entry Permit, Fines Of Overstaying

If you just moved to the UAE and want to bring your family with you, you might have many questions about how to sponsor your family for a visa. Then dont worry! We have covered all the points for you so that you can understand how much time it will take, the validity of the permit, and many more. So, let’s begin! 

What Is The Validity Of An Entry Permit? 

The official website of the UAE government,, says that most entry permits are good for two months. This is also true for a family member’s entry permit. If your family lives outside the UAE, there are two things you should remember:

1. When did the entry permit come out?

2. When did the family use the entry permit to enter the UAE?

The person has 60 days from when the permit is given to enter the UAE. Once you get the permit and enter the UAE, you have another 60 days to finish the steps to get a visa. It’s also important to know that entry permits can’t be made valid for longer. Once their time is up, they automatically stop being valid. 


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What Happens If The Family Is Already Present In The UAE? 

 If you are applying for a family visa while other family members are already residing in the UAE, you will still be required to apply for an entry permit. This is the case even if you are applying for a family visa.

The permit is only valid for sixty days beginning on the day it was granted. If the applicant is physically present in the United States, they have sixty days from the day they are officially permitted to finish the application procedure.

What are the penalties for exceeding the length of stay on an entrance permit?

If you overstay your welcome in the UAE, you will be subject to the consequences outlined in the UAE immigration fines system, which are as follows:

The first day will cost you Dh125, and each additional day will cost you Dh25. Moreover, Dh50 per day after overstaying for six months. Additionally, Dh100 per day after overstaying for one year. 

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