UAE Will Take Over US To Attract The Highest Numbers Of Millionaires In The World

by Deeplata Garde
UAE Will Take Over US To Attract The Highest Numbers Of Millionaires In The World

The year 2022 would be of explosive growth post covid for UAE. With forthcoming technologies and projects, UAE will attract a large sum of millionaires from across the globe.UAE has become a hub of investment post-Covid and Expo 2020. We all know the UAE is the land of opportunity and millionaires are always on the hunt for such opportunities to grow.

Why Are Millionaires Choosing UAE Over Other Countries?

There are numerous explanations for why rich folks will relocate to the UAE. Financial services, oil and gas, real estate, travel and tourism, technology, and healthcare are among the country’s core sectors. Along with Monaco and Bermuda, UAE residents will gain from some of the world’s most attractive tax rates. The UAE is a well-known luxury destination, featuring high-end residences as well as world-class retail complexes and eateries. There are thriving global schools for families with children. From beaches with yachting, and water sports, to ample recreational activities makes UAE a family-friendly destination.

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With its robust, sequential approach to adjusting legislation, the UAE has led this boom. It continues to be a major lure for capital and talent. Entrepreneurs from all across the globe will hence flock to the country, whether for personal reasons, business reasons, or both. Due to the UAE leadership’s effective epidemic control, this appeared to be a transient effect. However, foundations in the UAE seem to be becoming highly recommended commodities in any elevated investor’s portfolio.


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What Do The Statistics Suggest?

The UAE has piqued the interest of wealthy investors. There can be an experience of the highest net influx of HNWIs globally in 2022. You can expect around 4,000 and a 208% increase over the net increase of 1,300 in 2019. This reflects the nation’s amazing ascent in the Henley Passport Index standings over the last decade. The country concentrated on promoting tourism and trade through a series of reciprocal visa exemptions.

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