All The Mask-Wearing Rules In UAE You Must Know

by Ishita Agarwal
All The Mask-Wearing Rules In UAE You Must Know

Even if some nations have relaxed their laws regarding the use of masks during air travel while others have tightened their regulations, UAE airlines insist that passengers must continue to wear masks at all times while in flight. Importantly, local airlines insist that passengers vaccinating against Covid-19 must also wear masks while at airports and while flying. This rule applies both before and during the trip. 

Increase in The Number of Covid Cases in UAE 

The number of daily Covid-19 cases in the UAE hit 1,000 on Thursday, the highest since February 14, 2022. Emirates Airlines states that children under six and passengers with specific medical conditions are exempt from wearing a mask. Moreover, they also say passengers must always wear masks at Dubai International Airport. However, wearing a mask is compulsory if you are boarding a flight or you are leaving the aircraft. 

The flagship airlines also stated that, in any case, passengers are not able to wear a mask throughout their journey because of any medical reasons. However, it needs to inform Emirates before 48hours requesting an exception and permission to present their medical certificate at the time of check-in. 



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Wear well-fitting masks

While any mask is preferable to none, a conventional, well-fitting mask is ideal. Masks and N95 respirators are two separate things; whereas masks are recommended for everyone, N95 is only for professionals.

Dr Shukla emphasised that wearing a mask, ensuring social distance, maintaining hygiene, and immunisation are all necessary for the time being to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.

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