Travelling To India From UAE? Read These COVID Rules First

by Deeplata Garde
Travelling To India From UAE? Read These COVID Rules First

Coronavirus is back with a bang it seems. Life is turning into turmoil again due to the pandemic scare spreading across the globe yet again. Countries are bringing back restrictions owing to the virus. India is tightening its airport rules according to the situation. Are planning to travel to India from UAE for the Eid holidays or otherwise? Then here’s a guide about updated travel Covid rules.

Face De-boarding From The Plane If You Don’t Follow The Covid Rules

The Delhi High Court has asked the DGCA to assure that the COVID-19 rules are strictly followed at airports.
It went on to say that airlines should make sure travellers are aware of the preventive measures. Individuals should check guidelines via their websites, travel agencies, contact centres, airport displays, and support booths, among other places.
If a passenger on board an aeroplane refuses to follow the following protocols after repeated warnings, that passenger may get the label of “Unruly Passenger” during the trip.


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As described in paragraph 3.1 of Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR) Section 3 Series M Part VI (dated September 8, 2017), as well as the method for dealing with rowdy passengers. The airport authorities have the authority to disembark passengers.

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What Are The Revised Guidelines?

The guidelines basically include wearing masks and maintaining hygiene like usual. There is no specific stress on the PCR testing before boarding the aircraft. But being assured about your safety by taking the test is better.

More announcements regarding the rules will be happening at airports from time to time. Also, airport operators shall levy fines on those violating COVID protocols in accordance with state regulations with the help of local police/security agencies, etc. for violation of COVID Protocols,” it read.

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