This Mini Kerala Village With Sunflowers And Organic Farm Is UAE’s Best Kept Secret

by Deeplata Garde
This Mini Kerala Village With Sunflowers And Organic Farm Is UAE’s Best Kept Secret

Imagine having a utopia-like setting surrounding you in UAE. And now what if we say it’s real? An Indian ex-pat has made dreams come true. He has built a paddy heaven in Sharjah that mimics Kerala, India. Sudheesh Guruvayoor is the man behind this dream project in Sharjah. He has entered the Guinness World Record by achieving this project.

A Land Of Lush Greenery, Waterbodies And Old Traditions In Sharjah

It’s not just the vegetation that they’ve created to bring back memories of Kerala to the UAE’s Malayali ex-pats. They are spread across in UAE by number in the millions. An old-fashioned tea store, a small shop selling vintage candy, and a well to get water with a pulley, rope, and bucket are all possible ones. While solar lights illuminate the field, traditional kerosene lamps illuminate the businesses and the area around the hut.


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How Did Sudheesh Guruvayoor Build His Mini Kerala Dream Project?

Three months ago, he signed a 20-year lease with the farm’s Emirati owner to realise his vision. Many Indian expats in the UAE were unable to return home for several years due to COVID-19. Children missed out on the opportunity to be close to nature during their holidays.

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In 2016, it took over four months to change arid soil into a patch of rice field, but it only took three months at his current project in Sharjah’s Al Zubair neighbourhood. Despite the fact that all of the large trees along the farm’s perimeter and some animals were already present, Guruvayoor’s vision was to transform the desolate ground in the heart into a Kerala model village.

His wife Ragi, daughter Sradha, and son Shreyas have been his rock, labouring in the fields with him at all hours of the day and night. The family converted the majlis in the farmhouse into their new home two months ago. At the plot, he had seven employees from his company, Green Life Organic Farming.

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