15 Baby Sharks Released Into The Ocean By Atlantis

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
15 Baby Sharks Released Into The Ocean By Atlantis

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15 baby sharks and two stingrays were released into the ocean by the team at Atlantis, the Palm. The effort was a bid to balance the marine environment.

What’s It?

Ramadan is in full swing in Dubai and everyone’s doing a little good deed. Today’s noble news comes from Atlantis, Dubai. In order to keep the ocean life healthy, the resort teamed up with Dubai Municipality and Dubai’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and introduced a few new members into their marine environment.

15 baby sharks and two stingrays are the recent additions into the ocean. The initiative is an effort to maintain a balance in the marine environment.

Credits: mashable.com

Last month, the Jebel Ali Wetland Sanctuary welcomed young Arabian carpet sharks along with two honeycomb stingrays. All the marine creatures were aged between 10 months and one year and were cared for at the Atlantis fish hospital.

Natasha Christie, director of The Lost Chambers Aquarium, said: “The sustainability and prosperity of the marine environment is extremely important to Atlantis.

“Atlantis is home to more than 65,000 marine animals and we go to every length possible to make sure each and every animal is healthy and cared for.

“We regularly carry out a number of initiatives such as wildlife releases and beach cleanups as we believe everyone has a part to play in making sure future generations can enjoy Dubai and the ocean as much as we are able to.”