15 Things To Do In The Kingdom Of Bahrain, The Dreamy Island Nation!

by Deeplata Garde
15 Things To Do In The Kingdom Of Bahrain, The Dreamy Island Nation!

The Kingdom Bahrain is a tiny Arab Island nation located on a peninsula on the Persian Gulf’s western coast. Bahrain Island and a cluster of 33 other islands make up the archipelago. The Middle Eastern country, The Kingdom of Bahrain is a well-liked tourism destination and has a multiethnic population. It is well-known for its magnificent mosques, ancient tombs, and local marketplaces. Here’s an ultimate guide for your visit to Bahrain.

Kingdom Of Bahrain In A Nutshell

This country falls between Qatar & north and east coasts of Saudi Arabia. Though being an Islamic country, it does not enact severe Islamic rules like its neighbours. Due to its laid-back attitude, this country attracts a lot of tourists. You must learn about the Kingdom of Bahrain’s history and future in order to fully appreciate all that this Gulf island has to provide. Explore the mosques’ mysticism, take in the old architecture, and delight your tastebuds with a variety of intriguing traditional foods placed in one of the multiple souqs.

Visa & Other Details To Know Before Entering Bahrain


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This country is hardly an hour away from the bustling city of Dubai. So let’s talk about acquiring a visa to visit this country and also the money exchange. Countries like Armenia, Azerbaijan, and other 33 countries can enter the kingdom of Bahrain with a visa on arrival. Countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia and other 34 countries can enter without a visa. Tourists from India would require a visa to enter the country.

One Bahraini Dirham equals 9.47 AED. The higher value of money in Bahrain does not necessarily make living in Bahrain expensive. In fact, the lifestyle of Bahrain compared to Dubai is much more affordable. Mid-October is the best time to visit this third-smallest nation in Asia.

15 Activities You Must Try While Visiting Bahrain

1. Pearl Snorkelling

Bahrain is known as the capital of the world’s pearls. The Arabian Gulf has recently become a prominent tourist destination due to the pearl snorkelling open to visitors.

2. Jet Ski At Al Dar Islands

Pic Creds:Al Dar Island

Adrenaline junkies should definitely try this water sport when touring Bahrain.

3. Sunset At Al Jazayer Beach

Pic Creds: bilajbeach

With views of endless turquoise water and perfect windy weather, Al Jazayer beach is a paradise for sunset lovers.

4. Manama Souq

Pic Creds: Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Bab Al Bahrain, Manama Souq is a shopping utopia of Bahrain. So shop your heart out as you get an array of goods at affordable prices.

5. Bahraini Breakfast At Al Haji’s Cafe

One of the most-renowned breakfast spots, Al Haji is among the oldest eateries in Bahrain. This place has everything under one roof to offer its customers. The list includes the best quality, affordable prices and warm hospitality.

6. Muharraq, The Old Capital

Pic Creds: Unesco Heritage Site

Before Manama, Muharraq was the old capital of this kingdom. The hometown of the Royals of Bahrain, Muharraq saw the foundation of Bahrain’s growth. One should visit this city to understand the laying substratum of Bahrain.

7. Go Karting At Bahrain International Circuit

Another activity that is widely enjoyed by tourists visiting Bahrain is Go Karting. The Bahrain international circuit provides the best Go karting experience. So gear up and have fun.

8. 360 View At Bahrain International Circuit

You cannot afford to miss the 360-degree view of the first F1 circuit built in a desert location. The F1 legend Michael Schumaker was involved in the designing of the tracks here.

9. First 4×4 At Bahrain International Circuit

The newly introduced 4×4 experience at the Bahrain International Circuit is exhilarating. Bahrain is the only place where you can experience this activity throughout the Middle East. It basically feels like a roller-coaster ride but on the ground.

10. Horse Riding At Fort

Pic Creds: Bahrain Tourism India


Bahrain fort provides picturesque vistas of sunsets and the stories of history, You can either explore the 5000-year history of Bahrain by climbing this fort on foot or take Horse riding for easy passage.

11. WYNDHAM Garden Sky View

Pic Creds: WYNDHAM

Tired of roaming around? Take a pit stop at Wyndham for another view of the cityscape. Their lounge area is perfect to relax and grab a bite to re-energize for your further expedition.

12. Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Pic Creds: Wikipedia

The grand in its name stands true to its magnificence, Al Fateh Grand Mosque took 4 years to stand. The stunning interiors and the calm atmosphere of this mosque will leave you in awe of its beauty.

13. Bahrain National Museum

Pic Creds: Wikipedia

Deception of the history and culture of Bahrain, this national museum should be on your must-visit list. Built in 1984, Bahrain National Museums holds 4 exhibition halls that display every bit of Bahrain’s past in a significant way.

14. Boat Ride At Bahrain Bay

Pic Creds: Wikipedia

Bahrain Bay is the modern hub of the country. Take a boat ride to enjoy the glistening cityscape of Bahrain. It will cost 2BHD per hour per person.

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15. Feed The Camels The Royal Camel Farm

camel farm
Pic Credit: Media Library

Janabiyah Royal Camel farm is situated in Bahrain and welcomes visitors from around the world to feed the camels. The Middle East is famous for its camel population and you will find around 600 camels classified according to their gender and other categories at this farm.

Here are the 15 activities we mentioned to add to your list to add glam to your Bahrain itinerary. How many caught your attention?

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