150-Year-Old Heritage Train Track In Madhya Pradesh Sent Off Its Last Train

by Mallika Khurana
150-Year-Old Heritage Train Track In Madhya Pradesh Sent Off Its Last Train

The 150-year-old heritage train track in Madhya Pradesh saw its last train ride. It connected the heritage trains in western Madhya Pradesh. An official stated that in order to facilitate the conversion of the section to broad gauge, the authorities temporarily halted all train traffic on the stretch. However, this track has been made permanently inactive.

The Train Took Its Final Journey On This Track

Madhya Pradesh
Photo Credits: Canva

A lot of people gathered for this sight of the last ride. They expressed their feelings of sorrow over this incident. They also shared that the passengers of this train praised Daulatram Meena and his fellow loco pilots and honoured them with garlands. The train ride started from Omkareshwar Road Station. 

Approximately 70 kilometres from Indore, Mohammad Shahid boarded the train at Omkareshwar Road station. He shared his sadness about riding on this train for the last time.  What used to be a simple and convenient mode of transportation for them will now be a hassle. They will now have to take buses instead. This action is being taken to turn this narrow gauge into a broad one. The public relations officer for the Western Railways Ratlam division also shared that this 90-kilometre line has been made inactive indefinitely. 

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Railway Officials Disclosed This History Of This Stretch

Taking its first ride on December 25th, the Mhow-Kalakund-Mhow heritage train debuted after the railway designated the Patalpani-Kalakund section of the metre gauge between Mhow and Khandwa as a heritage track.

The railway officials went on to share the history behind the construction of this heritage gauge in Madhya Pradesh. They said that the British received a loan from the then-ruling Holkars in 1870 for the construction of this line. It was planned to connect the state’s capital, Indore, with Khandwa. The amount of the loan received was  1 crore for a period of 101 years. On December 1, 1874, trains began running on this line’s Khandwa-Sanawad section.

As per the information received from the officials, the Jaipur-Kacheguda Mail, the Ajmer-Khandwa Express, and the Jaipur-Purna Meenakshi Express are just a few of the prominent passenger trains that link South India with North India and run on this line.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva