2.5 Km Away From Srinagar, Tosa Maidan In Kashmir Is A Hidden Gem Discovered By Only A Few

To explore a serene offbeat destination overlooking lush greenery and mountain peaks, head to Tosa Maidan.

by Shreya Ghosh
2.5 Km Away From Srinagar, Tosa Maidan In Kashmir Is A Hidden Gem Discovered By Only A Few

2023 has been like a year moving at a super fast pace for most people. It feels a bit surprising how we have crossed mid-December already and nearing so close to celebrating the last day of the year. What are your plans for the last festive season of 2023? If the wanderlust in you is influencing you to book tickets and pack bags and you are still unsure about selecting the destination, we might just have chosen the right destination for you. Kashmir is a paradise that everyone wants to touch, visit, and explore. Nestled in this valley, Tosa Maidan is an alluring untouched paradise and a serene hill station to wander around.

Wake Up To Undisturbed Views Of Green Pastures And Peaks In Kashmir’s Tosa Maidan

Tosa Maidan
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

A holiday to someplace tranquil and amidst lush greenery is all most people need and wish for these days. With our busy lives and sitting in front of digital screens all the time, our eyes yearn for unending scenic views with no crowd or noise. Well, if you also wish the same, you need to plan a vacation to Kashmir’s Tosa Maidan. Nestled just about 2.5 km away from the famous city of Srinagar, this hidden hill station is an offbeat place located right on nature’s lap.

Head to the Khag tehsil in Jammu and Kashmir’s Budgam district to explore the untouched fairyland-like serene hill station. Reaching the meadow is a scenic journey in itself. Overlooking alluring views of lush greenery, visitors travel passing picturesque views of mountain peaks and heavenly surroundings of enchanting places. Once you reach your destination, you will be welcomed by green dense pastures and pleasing views and ambience. With very few people in the hill station, it becomes the perfect opportunity to sit, back, relax, and rejuvenate.

Some of the many reasons that attract travel enthusiasts from all around are the famous green pastures, pretty flower beds, the huge beautiful meadow measuring about 3 miles in length and 1.5 miles in breadth, not-much-explored greenery, glacial lakes, and historical background. People believe that shepherds from some neighbouring countries used to come to this destination long ago. Interestingly, Tosa Maidan was a location for the Indian Army’s firing range previously.

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How Can You Travel To This Hill Station?

Tosa Maidan
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Rich in diverse flora and fauna, there are endless reasons to plan a trip to this destination. The best part is that you won’t need to spend a lot of days exploring the entire region. Two days are more than enough to explore the natural aura of Tosa Maidan. While you are holidaying in Kashmir, take some extra time and explore this magnificent destination located just about 45 KM away from Srinagar.

Here’s how you can reach here conveniently:

  • Railway Facilities: If you are travelling by train, board a train for Budgam railway station. Tosa Maidan is only about 65 KM from the station.
  • Road Facilities: An easy road route to reach the meadow is by taking a car from Srinagar as mentioned earlier. There is also an option to travel to Magam from Srinagar and then to Khag tehsil while passing through Aripanthan.
  • Flight Facilities: Sheikh Ul Alam International Airport, also known as Srinagar International Airport is the closest airport. Grab a cab from here and reach Tosa Maidan covering about 70 km.

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Are you ready to experience the serenity of this offbeat destination?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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