3 New Flight Services To Be Launched From Birmingham Airport To The Gulf From July Onwards!

by Anupriya Mishra
3 New Flight Services To Be Launched From Birmingham Airport To The Gulf From July Onwards!

It’s no secret that Birmingham has a large number of people with Indian and Pakistani heritage. With a lot of their families living in the Asian subcontinent, it makes sense that they would want to travel to these countries in the region for holidays. And so, the Gulf happens to be a key connection between Europe and Asia. To bolster this connectivity, Birmingham Airport is beginning three new services between the UK and Gulf in July and we are here to tell you everything about it.

3 New Services To Start From Birmingham Airport

Pic credita: Wikimedia Commons

As mentioned above, Birmingham Airport is going to launch three new services between the UK and the Gulf. According to a report by the Arab News, this will begin next month, as it also includes the first direct flight to Saudi Arabia. Yes, SAUDIA, which is also the national carrier of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will start its operation from West Midlands to Jeddah in July. This step is also being taken in order to offer alternative travel options to the passengers. One that is away from the main airport in London in Southern UK and Manchester, which is in the North.

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Qatar Airways To Resume Its Service After COVID-19

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Pic credits: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre

And this point, it should also be mentioned that Airbus A380 by Emirates will also begin its superjumbo flights to Dubai from July first week. In fact, the report also mentioned that regular flights to Doha will also begin with Qatar Airways! Yes, this is being done as the flights will be returning to the airport after their suspension during the Covid 19 pandemic. Moreover, there is also quite a bit of interest in the new routes, as the region is home to a large number of people who have Indian and Pakistani heritage.

So, if you are someone who plans to travel to the United Kingdom anytime soon, you will now be able to fly directly with SAUDIA or maybe take a leisurely flight with Qatar Airways.

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