HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Spotted At Emirates Check-In Store AT DIFC!

by Deeplata Garde
HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Spotted At Emirates Check-In Store AT DIFC!

Spotting the member of the Royal Family in Dubai is all luck based. But the chances are usually higher as the Ruler or the sons are always surprising people with their quick visits. A similar instance occurred at the recently opened DIFC Check-in facility of Emirates. HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid was spotted visiting the store to check out the new features that have been making a buzz in the town.

Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Spotted At Emirates Check-In Store In DIFC

Dubai Ruler and Vice President of UAE has been always on his toes when it comes to inspections of certain facilities. He has a hands-on authority that will personally visit the facility to have it checked about the seamless running of every process. boss who frequently stops by businesses in the emirate to check on the job being done. The president of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, chairman of Dubai Airports, and chairman and chief executive of Emirates Airline & Group are all pictured alongside Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid in the centre of the images posted on social media.

He can be seen checking the equipment and the racks displaying genuine Emirates items.

To assess how well organisations are operating in the emirate, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid frequently conducts these inspections. Even then, in 2016, he paid four government institutions a surprise visit, one of which was the Dubai International Airport.

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The Ruler Is Always Motivating To Boost Creativity & Competitiveness In Dubai

High Highness recently praised Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Establishment CEO Omar Bu Shehab on social media. The Housing Establishment is in charge of creating, developing, and carrying out Dubai’s housing policy. He said that hidden shoppers had told him that the CEO was present at the service desk and that his prompt action had allowed the task to be finished in a matter of minutes.

This demonstrates the cherished Ruler’s commitment to effective administration and hands-on style of management.

HH Sheikh Mohammed not only visits such facilities for surprise inspections but is also a foodie. The Ruler and his son Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan are spotted at many restaurants across Dubai.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Mohammed Bin Rashid