47% Of Indians Are Ready To Revamp Their Itinerary For Better Deals: Report

by Shreya Rathod
47% Of Indians Are Ready To Revamp Their Itinerary For Better Deals: Report

The online travel agency Skyscanner revealed in its ‘Travel in Focus’ report that Indian visitors on a tight budget are embracing travel with an open mind in order to find more economical holidays. This travel report identifies important travel behaviours in India using information from Skyscanner’s own search and booking statistics as well as consumer behaviour research. Here’s what you need to know about the travel booking pattern of Indian travellers. 

47 Per Cent Indians Are Savvy Travellers!

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According to the report’s data, Indians are savvy travellers, that is 47 per cent. They are willing to change their plans in response to better travel offers. Indians are also willing to choose a less expensive travel destination (35 per cent) or a different time of year, 33 per cent, when it comes to taking overseas vacations. 

Despite the fact that 72 per cent of respondents preferred to carefully plan their trips, Indian travellers are in reality major planners, further demonstrating how they seek the ideal balance between travel and value for their vacations.

According to the Skyscanner Travel Trends and Destination Expert, the urge for a holiday hasn’t diminished. Despite the fact that how we travel has undoubtedly altered in recent years! With its cross-market comparison and pricing transparency on its platform, Skyscanner enables tourists to travel the globe on a budget. 

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Using their ‘Everywhere’ search engine is a simple way to find that sweet spot. It suggests locations based on the traveller’s location and ranks them by cost. In this manner, you can travel without spending a fortune.

Other Findings Of The Travel Report

travel report india
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  • About 75 per cent of people said they would be willing to spend more on travel to attend live cricket matches. 
  • Indian travellers are taking it easy in 2023, preferring slow-paced (46 per cent) travel to fast-paced (40 per cent) travel. Travellers prefer to stay longer in one location and take their time getting to know the local culture, as opposed to packing in as many destinations as they can.
  • Today’s travellers want to have a purpose in their travels and plan their itineraries around a certain activity. More than half of Indians (55 per cent) intend to visit India for a specific reason. They include sports like scuba diving, golf, yoga, or wellness retreats.

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These were some insights of the report that analysed the Indian travel pattern.

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