5 Benefits Of Train Journeys Over Flights

by Suchismita Pal
5 Benefits Of Train Journeys Over Flights

We often choose air travel as a convenient option to reach our destinations faster. A distance covered by train in two days can be reached via a flight in a span of just two hours. Having said that, for someone who actually loves to enjoy the journey, trains offer a slew of perks over flights. A long-distance train journey often allows you to enjoy mesmerising views. The whistling sound and the views define the beauty of the journey. Here are 5 benefits of train journeys over flights:

1. Trains Are Much Cheaper Than Flights

Train tickets are way cheaper than airfares. The lowest airfare between two places would be around ₹1800/person. Whereas a one-way ticket for a long-distance train journey can be as low as ₹400/person.

2. You Can Carry More Luggage

Recently, Indian Railways has decided to charge passengers for excess luggage. But even then, the baggage allowance in trains is much higher than on flights. Also, excess baggage charges on flights are exorbitant. As a matter of fact, certain flights like VietAir allow flyers to carry only cabin baggage. You need to pay extra for check-in baggage.


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3. You Can Enjoy Picturesque Views

Trains often pass through mountain valleys, tunnels and scenic villages. A train journey from Vizag to Araku offers awe-striking views of the Eastern Ghats. The Pamban Bridge train route in Tamil Nadu crosses the vast turquoise ocean. The views become more magical if it starts raining. In flights, you’ll miss out on these views.


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4. Food Is Pocket-Friendly In Trains

On flights, a cup of tea might come for ₹200. The same would cost ₹20 on a train. Trains offer meals that are cheaper and are in larger quantities than those offered on flights.

5. Network Wouldn’t Be Completely Gone In Trains

On most flights, we do not get an active network to make calls or use the internet. In the case of trains, the network might fluctuate by it isn’t completely gone.