5 Best Recipes To Make Diwali-Special Balushahi At Home

by Dikshita
5 Best Recipes To Make Diwali-Special Balushahi At Home

Just the thought of this Indian sweet is enough to make you drool. Amongst gulab jamunmalpuakaju katli and other Indian desi sweets is another sweet tooth favourite- balushahiBalushahi is also known as balsaahi and badushah in the Southern states of India. This culturally rich sweet finds its origin in India and two of its neighbours– Pakistan and Bangladesh. The sweet can also be thought of as India’s take on glazed doughnuts. It is considered to be a royal sweet served on special Indian festivals, occasions and weddings. 

The festive season is around the corner and you are definitely going to stuff yourself with just too many balushais. But, festive seasons are just a valid reason to cheat on your diet and eat all the things you’ve been waiting for year-long. This Diwali, why not try your hands at the phenomenal sweet? 

Indian halwais are ace at balushahis and with these easy-peasy home recipes, you will excel too.

Here Are 5 Balushahi Recipes To Try At Home

Leave your guests confused and in awe-struck, as with these home recipes you are sure to make the best balushahis. 

FoodFood; Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

You can never go wrong with the OG of home recipes, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor. All the Indian households must have probably learned a dozen of recipes from the famous cookery show, Khana Khazana. The balushahi recipe too will leave you wanting to try it out right now.

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Hebbar’s Kitchen

The thumbnail itself gives all festive vibes. Level up your sweets this festive and gift your loved ones homemade balushahi with the secret ingredient of love. It would just make it sweeter! Hebbar’s Kitchen’s take on recipes are always curated with its personal touch and this is why this recipe too stands out.

Masala Kitchen

If you are reading this just a day before Diwali and can’t decide what to make for the festival, this three-ingredient recipe is your omen to go for it. Made with just three simple ingredients that are readily available in all Indian kitchens, this extravagant sweet will be the showstopper.

Nilu’s Kitchen

This recipe claims to be better than the Indian halwais’. Well, you just cannot ignore the fact of knowing how easy it is to make it at home.

Chef Ranveer Brar

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Ranveer Brar is a multi-talented chef and he has proved it yet again. He brings to you not one but two different types of recipes. Savour your soul with whichever you love the best. However, you wouldn’t be able to choose just one!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your aprons and ingredients out, the festive bells are already ringing.

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