5 Delicious Pithas Of Assam That Are A Must-Try!

by Sushmita Mahanta
5 Delicious Pithas Of Assam That Are A Must-Try!

They say a trip to Assam is incomplete without a plate of ‘pithas’! Well, it’s true. However, there are varieties of these ‘Pithas’ of Assam that are still unknown to a large number of foodies in India. From the famous ’til pitha’ to the lesser known ‘tekeli Pitha’ to the yummy ‘ghila pitha’, there’s so much more to the plate of ‘Pithas’ you often hear about!
Assam is no doubt famous for its authentic cuisine. But the local pithas (a variety of food similar to pancakes, dumplings or fritters) here are no less fascinating. These quintessential Assamese delights totally deserve to be a part of your seven sister diaries. So here is a list of 5 Must-Try Pithas of Assam that will make your taste buds dance in happiness!

Til Pitha

Til Pithas make for the most mouth-watering Pithas of Assam. You can easily make these in your home given you have Rice flour, preferably bora rice. Take a tawa, put a portion of your Bora rice mixture and let it sit for some time. Then just add the til (sesame) and jaggery stuffing in the middle and roll into cylinders. Your til Pithas are ready!


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Kachi Pitha

Kachi pithas of Assam get their name from the sickle which is known as Kachi in Assamese. You can bake these Pithas in a pan with bora rice. The filling mostly includes sesame seeds, grated coconut, dried orange rind, and sugar/jaggery.

Narikol Pitha

‘Narikolor Pitha’ is one of the most popular Pithas of Assam. These are similar to cute little rice cakes but with the filling of a mixer of grated coconut and jaggery/sugar. Narikol Pithas are quite easy to prepare. You will find these Pithas in every Assamese household during the Bihu season. In Assam, people mostly make these in the shape of a half-moon.

Sunga Pitha

Sunga Pithas of Assam are made in young bamboo hollows with banana leaves as lids. Bora rice is first mixed with water and jaggery. The mixture is then churned thoroughly and placed to roast in the bamboo hollows. The end product is a beautiful tube-shaped cake. You can serve sunga Pithas with hot milk and sugar.


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Tekeli Pitha

The tekeli Pithas of Assam are delicious but it’s a task to prepare them. Tekeli Pithas are made from plain rice flour mixed with jaggery and grated coconut. Tekeli Pithas are packed inside cloth pockets and steamed in earthen pots/kettles. The pots are known as tekelis in Assam, hence the name!

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