5 Essentials To Carry On A Forest Trek

by Curly Tales Desk
5 Essentials To Carry On A Forest Trek

India is home to various unique flora and fauna and trekkers are in awe of it. People from all over the world come and trek in Indian rainforests to explore the diverse nature, spend quality time amidst nature and simply discover more about Mother Nature.  While trekking is an enthralling experience, packing for a forest trek is a task in itself. But it shouldn’t be! Cuz, we are here to help!

If you are planning for a trek amidst dense forest here are 5 essentials things to carry on your next forest trek.

1. Torch

A torch or flashlight is also crucial because it will help you in maneuvering your way around the forest. You can also carry headlamps with you because they have a longer battery life.

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Flashlight on a Forest Trek


2. Re-Useable Water Bottle

Always carry a water bottle with you that you can reuse over time. The strenuous journey will make you thirsty and the weather would be challenging as well. You need to keep yourself hydrated to cover the journey without facing a lot of physical difficulties. Between stops, you’ll come across natural water springs where you can fill your bottles. We highly suggest in investing in a good bottle. These days, ones with in-built filters are also easily available so you can have fresh, clean water.

Carry water on a Forest Trek

3. First-Aid Kit

On a trek, little mishaps like scratches, bruises, motion sickness, shoe bites, fever, and soreness are common. While you are on a forest trek, receiving medical care is nearly difficult. Therefore, it is advisable that you should prepare a compact bag with all the emergency medications. It will help you to treat physical issues as soon as possible.

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First Aid


4. Carry A Matchbox/Lighter

If you are going on a forest trek then carrying a matchbox or lighter is essential. You will be camping at night so make sure to carry a matchbox with you to light up a fire whenever necessary. For an adventurous trip, a waterproof matchbox is advised instead of a lighter.



5. Insect Repellent

There is a swarm of insects in the forest. You should always carry insect repellent since you never know when you might need it. Getting an infection during the trek is no fun at all. You can carry a spray or lotion with you.

Insect Repellent
Picture Credits: Nature

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Carry these absolute essential items with you whenever you are planning your next forest trek.