5 Free Internet Calling Applications UAE Residents Can Officially Use

by Deeplata Garde
5 Free Internet Calling Applications UAE Residents Can Officially Use

Staying in touch with distant family and friends is crucial but challenging. The Internet has undoubtedly done wonders for us regarding being connected with people worldwide. Approximately 90% of the inhabitants in the UAE comprising of expats. They are the most frequent user of free internet calling. As we all know Whatsapp is banned in UAE, so finding alternatives becomes important.  Audio and video calling apps help to connect with friends and family back home.

Here’s A List Of 5 Internet Calling Apps For UAE Residents

1.Google Duo/Meet

Google is best known for its application’s best quality. And Duo, which recently turned into Google Meet, is by far the best app in terms of connectivity, audio and video quality for calling. The app is free to download from Playstore for Android users and the Apple store for OS users.


Zoom is such an app that is by far the most used video calling app over the globe. This app rose to fame during covid when schools, offices and others started using it daily. The video quality is superb, as confirmed by the maximum population. The drawback is that you might have to buy a premium version after being given minutes into the call. But it is free to download, and you can use it on desktop and mobile devices.


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This app is just like a version of WhatsApp. Your experience on this app isn’t just limited to calling. Go ahead and share videos, photos, and audio with friends and family with this app. Its user-friendly interface also lets you share locations and send SM. Also, create groups with a limit of 400 people.

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This might be surprising, but Instagram is a perfect app for calling. But its other elite feature of reels makes us sideline the calling experience. The best part of this app is it lets you share and watch reels together on a video call without compromising the calling quality.

5.Microsoft Team

Microsoft Teams experienced an increase in usage of video conferencing following the pandemic. This demand was particularly from organizations. It provides unlimited free group sessions for 60 minutes and paid packages at highly reasonable prices.

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