5 Instant Tea Premixes To Sort Your Chai Cravings In A Minute

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Instant Tea Premixes To Sort Your Chai Cravings In A Minute

Tea is not just a beverage in India; it’s an emotion. For the majority of people in India, their day does not even begin without a hot cup of tea. Indians can crave for their favourite tea anytime, anywhere. What if you are on a long road trip or somewhere very busy and you miss your tea? Well, instant tea premixes are here to your rescue. The instant premixes have tea extracts, milk solids, spices, and sugar powder. All you have to do is add hot water. 

Try These Instant Tea Premixes 

1. Wagh Bakri Instant Tea Premix 

When you talk about tea, I am sure Wagh Bakri crosses your mind. This brand in India is one of the largest suppliers and exporters of tea. They serve instant tea premix in two varieties: with and without sugar. Wagh Bakri Instant Tea Premix with Sugar comes in six different variants. Saffron tea, express tea, elaichi tea, ginger tea, masala tea, and lemongrass tea are some of the options.The sugar-free range serves four variants: elaichi, ginger, masala, and lemongrass. 

2. Girnar Instant Tea


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Girnar Tea is one of the finest global tea brands and is also a trusted one. Girnar instant tea offers a wide range of premixes. They have the regular instant premixes, like masala, cardamom, and ginger premixes. The next is a hot and cold tea premix that has Kashmiri Kahwa, Green Tea, Black Tea with Lemon, and Iced Peach and Lemon Tea. They also have a dairy-free instant tea premix. 

3. Chaayos Instant Tea


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With the concept of Meri wali Chai, Chaayos was introduced in India.It introduced the first personalised chai concept in India. The brand now offers instant tea premixes in four different flavors, like kesar, masala, ginger, and cardamom. They also have adrak elaichi chai mix in two types: low sugar and regular sugar. The masala chai mix also comes in a low-sugar pack with 15 premixes. 

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4. Chaizup Instant


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Chaizup is one of the leading brands in India for manufacturing, producing, and exporting Indian tea. The brand offers some amazing flavours when it comes to instant tea premixes. They offer Karak tea, tea with turmeric milk, milk tea, ginger tea, saffron tea, and cardamom tea. Their premix packets assure tea in just one minute. You can also try their new Tulsi-ginger variant, which is best during the winter. 

5. Society OMT


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I am sure all Indians are well aware of this brand. Society is an Indian tea brand that is famous among Indian households. The brand offers OMT, which is one minute tea, in different variants. Masala, elaichi, lemongrass, and ginger lemongrass are some of its offerings. They offer these premixes in a pack of sachets as well as in jars for you to choose from based on your preferences. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash & @chaizup/Instagram