It’s Ginuary! 5 Best Gin Brands To Try This Month

best gin brands
by Vaishalee Kalvankar 234

Gin lovers, where are you? It’s Ginuary! For all those people who are still unaware of this amazing creation, let me help you. Gin is a flavorful, distilled drink that gets its flavour from juniper berries. These spirits are made using grain mashes with juniper flavours. Though gin was created as an elixir to cleanse blood, every sip of it surely cleanses our soul’s tiredness. So here are some of the best gin brands you should definitely get your hands on this Ginuary.

Best Gin Brands

1. SOCI The Indian Gin

Best gin brands

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SOCI is a curious concoction that is light and refreshing, great for sipping neat or on the rocks, and also works well in cocktails. This Indian gin is crafted in Goa and is also available in Mumbai. Soci Gin, a cold-pressed gin, has infused notes of juniper berries, cardamom, and coriander that are laced with oranges, pepper, and cucumber. The robust hit of flavours makes a long-lasting impression on your palate.

2. Malhar Gin

This amazing gin is a tribute to India’s favourite season, the monsoon, as it gives India botanicals and fruits. The name is derived from the famous Malhar Raga, which is said to bring rain to India. It is an Indian-crafted gin that is available in two flavours: the Malhar Citrus and the Malhar Classic Dry Gin. The dry gin has a flavour of juniper and is vapour-infused with about 15 botanicals. The citrus one is vapour-infused with 11 botanicals and has a very zesty aroma.

3. Sector Gin


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Sector gin is made using 11 botanicals, including juniper berries, yellow coriander, and cardamom. The most unique thing about Sector gin is that it uses some of the most rarely used ingredients, like turmeric, German lemon balm, and Turkish grapefruit. Lemon balm slices the harshness of gin away while the grapefruit offers a tangy touch. The best part is that this gin is very easy on your palate. 

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4. Terry Sent Me Gin


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Terry Sent Me Gin is a gin that teleports you to a different world and derives its name from a speakeasy password. The flavours of this gin come from ingredients like juniper berries, orange and lemon peels, angelica root, and Gondhoraj lime. This gin has a very strong but lovely citrusy aroma to it. It blends with all classic cocktails and offers a flavour that will surely stay in your mind forever.

5. Trouvaille Blossom & Hops Gin


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Trouvaille Blossom & Hops Gin is crafted from French spirits and is very smooth on the palate. This gin is crafted using hops, which is a flavouring agent used in producing beer. The creator discovered the versatility of this and came up with a lucky find, Trouvaille. Another major ingredient is the blossom lime, which lends its zestiness to the drink. Only the finest botanical elements go into the making of this special gin.

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