It’s Ginuary! 15 Must-Try Gin Brands In India For A Gin-credible Time

Discover the essence of diverse gins that promise to elevate your sipping experience this month.

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
It’s Ginuary! 15 Must-Try Gin Brands In India For A Gin-credible Time

Gin lovers, where are you? It’s Ginuary! For all those people who are still unaware of this amazing creation, let me help you. Gin is a flavorful, distilled drink that gets its flavour from juniper berries. These spirits are made using grain mashes with juniper flavours. Though gin was created as an elixir to cleanse the blood, every sip of it surely cleanses our soul’s tiredness. So here are some of the best gin brands you should get your hands on this Ginuary.

Best Gin Brands You Must Try

1. Mohulo by Smoke Lab


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Mohulo stands as a testament to India’s rich botanical diversity, intertwining tradition and innovation. Crafted by Varun Jain, it’s a tribute to the Mahua flower, boasting delicate florals, vibrant citrus, and juniper. This gin isn’t just a drink; it’s a narrative of India’s botanical abundance, an alchemical journey that transforms petals, jaggery, and water into a sublime experience. Each sip unravels the essence of Mahua and India’s heritage, making it a must-try for gin enthusiasts seeking a taste of India’s soul.

Cost: Approx. ₹5000

2. Cherrapunji Gin

Born from the innovative mind of Mayukh Hazarika, Cherrapunji Gin captures the essence of Meghalaya’s abundant rainfall. Utilising harvested rainwater, this gin symbolises sustainability and regional identity. Its production mirrors the challenge of decreasing rainfall, offering a unique blend of botanicals sourced from the diverse landscapes of Northeast India. Cherrapunji Gin isn’t just a spirit; it’s a commitment to sustainability, craftsmanship, and preserving nature’s bounty.

Cost: Approx. ₹2500 in Meghalaya

3. Hapusa


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Distilled in India, Hapusa embodies the essence of the Himalayas, sourcing juniper berries from the snow-kissed Himalayan slopes. Its unique blend of botanicals from across the country creates a sensory journey, encapsulating varied flavours, cuisines, and cultures. Offering a smooth, earthy profile, Hapusa’s craftsmanship mirrors a fusion of diverse Indian landscapes, making it a gin worth exploring for its regional authenticity.

Cost: Approx. ₹3,200 for 750ml

4. Hendrick’s

Hendrick’s Gin revolutionised the gin industry, introducing a distinctive blend of 11 globally sourced botanicals, including Bulgarian rose and cucumber. Crafted in a quaint Scottish town, its lightness and complexity stem from a fusion of traditional and innovative distillation methods. Hendrick’s balances fresh juniper, green notes, and floral nuances, setting a benchmark for super-premium gins.

Cost: Approx. ₹5000 for 700ml

5. Roku


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Roku stands as a testament to Japanese craftsmanship, blending six native botanicals with eight traditional ones. Its sweet, floral, and softly bitter profile creates a harmonious yet complex flavour. Crafted meticulously by Japanese artisans, Roku Gin offers a delicate and refreshing experience, reflecting the intricate balance of its botanical blend.

Cost: Approx. ₹6265 for 700ml

6. Bombay Bramble

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A creation by BOMBAY SAPPHIRE, Bombay Bramble redefines gin with a natural infusion of freshly harvested blackberries and raspberries. Its vibrant colours and fruity aroma, devoid of added sugar, invite exploration. This gin boasts a unique taste, balancing juniper, citrus, and aromatic red berry notes and offering a smooth and dry finish that lingers, making it a perfect choice for colourful and flavorful cocktails.

Cost: Approx. ₹3390 for 1000ml

7. Monkey 47

Originating from Germany’s Black Forest, Monkey 47 Gin boasts an impressive blend of 47 botanicals, including native fruits, herbs, and exotic Asian elements. This complexity creates a unique palate, balancing juniper, citrus, floral, and spicy notes. Its versatility in cocktails, from Martinis to Gimlets, makes it a sought-after gin for mixologists and enthusiasts alike.

Cost: Approx. ₹5000 for 500ml

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8. Kumaon & I


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Himmaleh Spirits brings forth a gin that celebrates Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, meticulously distilling 11 regional botanicals using Himalayan spring water. The inclusion of unique ingredients like Timur and Black Turmeric infuses an earthy essence, while local citrus fruits like Galgal and Kinu introduce nuanced undertones. This hyperlocal approach to spirit production speaks of sustainability, terroir, and a richly concentrated flavour unique to the region.

Cost: Approx. ₹2700

9. Chambal Gin


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Crafted by The Bapuna Group, Chambal Gin represents an alchemy of carefully selected botanicals, including juniper berries, wild cinnamon bark, almonds, green cardamom, dried lemon peel, and black cardamom. Each sip offers a glimpse into the untamed flavours echoing the land’s essence. The meticulous attention to botanical selection and the three generations of expertise contribute to its remarkable silkiness.

Cost: Approx. ₹1950 in Delhi

10. The Botanist


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Hailing from the Isle of Islay, The Botanist offers a progressive exploration of 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately infused during a slow distillation process. This gin boasts a satin-smooth body, opening with herbal freshness, juniper, and sweet citrus notes. The palate unveils rich, mellow flavours with a balance of sweet, earthy, and delicate floral/herbal notes, offering a versatile canvas for creative serves.

Cost: Approx. ₹5690 for 1000ml

11. NOLET’S Silver Gin


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This gin redefines sophistication with a unique blend of botanicals never before used in gin. Featuring rose, peach, raspberry, and a secret base recipe, it delivers floral, fruity, and slightly tart flavours. NOLET’S Silver Gin’s versatility invites mixologists to craft their own cocktails, offering a fresh twist to classic recipes. Its focus on real botanicals and an exacting process ensure a balanced blend of flavours and aromas, setting it apart as an extraordinary choice for modern gin enthusiasts.

Cost: Approx. ₹9000 for 700ml

12. SOCI


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SOCI is a curious concoction that is light and refreshing, great for sipping neat or on the rocks, and also works well in cocktails. This Indian gin is crafted in Goa and is also available in Mumbai. Soci Gin, a cold-pressed gin, has infused notes of juniper berries, cardamom, and coriander that are laced with oranges, pepper, and cucumber. The robust hit of flavours makes a long-lasting impression on your palate.

Cost: Approx. ₹2400 for 750ml

13. Malhar Gin

This amazing gin is a tribute to India’s favourite season, the monsoon, as it gives India botanicals and fruits. The name is derived from the famous Malhar Raga, which is said to bring rain to India. It is an Indian-crafted gin that is available in two flavours: the Malhar Citrus and the Malhar Classic Dry Gin. The dry gin has a flavour of juniper and is vapour-infused with about 15 botanicals. The citrus one is vapour-infused with 11 botanicals and has a very zesty aroma.

Cost: Approx. ₹4500 for 750ml

14. Sector Gin


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Sector gin is made using 11 botanicals, including juniper berries, yellow coriander, and cardamom. The most unique thing about Sector Gin is that it uses some of the most rarely used ingredients, like turmeric, German lemon balm, and Turkish grapefruit. Lemon balm slices the harshness of gin away, while grapefruit offers a tangy touch. The best part is that this gin is very easy on your palate. 

Cost: Approx. ₹1650 for 750ml

15. Terry Sent Me Gin


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Terry Sent Me Gin is a gin that teleports you to a different world and derives its name from a speakeasy password. The flavours of this gin come from ingredients like juniper berries, orange and lemon peels, angelica root, and Gondhoraj lime. This gin has a very strong but lovely citrusy aroma to it. It blends with all classic cocktails and offers a flavour that will surely stay in your mind forever.

Cost: Approx. ₹850 for 750ml

Each of these gins embodies a distinct narrative, craftsmanship, and flavour profile, offering a unique journey for enthusiasts.

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