5 Must-Do Things Before You Leave For That Vacation

by Sneha Pai
5 Must-Do Things Before You Leave For That Vacation

1. Load Kitchen With Food

Ever felt post-vacay hunger? It is that hunger you feel when you get home from that amazing vacation. Travelling can be exhausting and you don’t want to start cooking right then at least. What to do then?

In this microwave generation, frozen and packaged food is quite the life saver and takes minimum effort to be served hot.

2. Tidy The House

Picture this… you haven’t kept your house squeaky clean and you leave thinking you will work on it once you return. Here’s what’s in store for you. Exhausted mind & body, messy house, AND piled up laundry. What a nightmare! A bonus would be hunger if you haven’t followed my first tip.

Fixing your house before leaving will take care of the exhaustion and messy house. Piled up laundry can wait till you are well rested.

3. Pay Your Bills!

Maybe you think they can wait for a couple of days once you are back from your vacay. BUT trust me, it hurts much lesser if you sort this out before leaving. Why? Well, post-vacay blues and losing money… who wants that? I can make peace with just the blues.

4. Take Pictures of the Gas, Door, Switch Mains, Burglar Alarm

Ever been worried about not having switched on your burglar alarm after leaving for a vacation? Or forgotten to switch off the electricity mains? Take pictures of these and everything you think that can possibly give you those anxiety attacks.

You want to be relaxed once you are out of that house. Also, you don’t want to return home to find anything missing or worse find your house itself blown up amirite?

5. Get Rid of Garbage  & Unwashed Dishes

Piled-up garbage + unwashed utensils and clothes + closed windows and rooms = Smelly House. Who wants that? Get rid of it!

Lastly, carry a journal so you can write about that awesome trip and then tell me about it ;)


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