5 New Beach Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Try

by Ishita Agarwal
5 New Beach Restaurants In Dubai You Need To Try

Many different styles of seaside eating that can find in Dubai, from glitzy riviera to relaxed beachside cafes. Here are several places where you may eat with the sand between your toes at any time of day, from breakfast to a special evening out. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of new beach restaurants in Dubai that you should definitely visit if you are planning to visit new locations in Dubai. 

1. Sal, Burj Al Arab 

In both Portuguese and Spanish, Sal means “salt,” a reference to the mineral found in ocean water. The elite club of the world-famous Burj Al Arab hotel provides the perfect setting for Instagram photos. The sea may be seen from the 100-meter infinity pool. Sal’s apartment’s bright white walls and furniture create an atmosphere that is both soothing and elegant.


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2. Summersalt 

Visit Summersalt to take pictures in front of the Burj Al Arab hotel. Sushi and ceviche, as well as heartier options like Linguini Lobster, are just two of the many options available at this restaurant. Following your meal, you are free to enjoy the resort’s beach or swimming pool. The regular DJs play relaxing tunes, and the mood remains calm throughout the night. 


3. Shimmers On The Beach

Shimmers is a Dubai classic that continues to draw in visitors and locals. The restaurant serves authentic Greek food. Dine at the restaurant under a white canopy, or for a more laid-back experience, make your way to the beach bean bags. The DJ at Shimmers is famous for maintaining a high-energy environment. 


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4. Sea Fu 

At Sea Fu, diners can choose between an inside dining room, a bar and lounge area, a patio overlooking the water, and the tranquil Jumeirah beach. Seafood from Asia is the main emphasis of the cuisine. Fresh fish is presented on a trolly, and diners may order a la carte or try anything from the tasting menu. Tuesday night is “ladies’ night,” when women may take advantage of discounted food and drinks. 



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5. Bussola 

The rooftop pizza patio at this excellent Italian restaurant is perfect for families. You may find everything you’re looking for in Bussola. Fine Italian cuisine is served below, while you can find the most incredible pizza in town on the rooftop terrace, where customers may unwind at cosy wooden tables. Relax with a drink as the sun sets over the ocean on the balcony before dinner. Visitors to Bussola may unwind and enjoy themselves as they would on a tropical holiday making it one of the best Beach Restaurants In Dubai. 



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