5 Places In Delhi Delivering Premium & Gourmet Meat To The Doorstep 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
5 Places In Delhi Delivering Premium & Gourmet Meat To The Doorstep 

I don’t know how many of you would relate to me, but I love meat but hate going shopping for it. The reason behind it is the filthy smell in the shops, but only out of all the love I have for meat do I end up going there. Many times, I cannot have meat, even when I am craving it, because I am not left with the time to buy it after work. Well, if you too can totally relate to these two situations, here are some amazing options in Delhi that deliver premium and gourmet meat to your doorstep.

Premium & Gourmet Meat In Delhi 

1. Ary’s Deli


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Ary’s Deli offers meat, which ensures global levels of food safety. Their variety includes seafood, raw meat, cold cuts, sausages, and kebabs. Their most recent launch is the raw marinades, like marinated malai chicken tikka, marinated hariyali chicken tikka, and marinated chicken tikka masala. The brand ensures same day delivery on orders placed before 6 pm. 

Contact: +919625092920

Website: https://arysdeli.com/

2. Meatigo 

Meatigo is known for delivering cold cut meat right to your doorstep. Another one of their specialties is imported meat.They have chicken, mutton, fish, pork and even marinades to make your cooking way easier. The brand promises to deliver your order in just 90 minutes. They have such a huge variety in the non-vegetarian section itself that you will find it hard to decide.

Contact: +91 11 6676 5252 

Website: https://new.meatigo.com/

3. Lion Fresh


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Lion Fresh is committed to serving you the best in quality seafood, turkey, lamb, pork, and chicken. The brand believes that high quality foods are important to make your meal delicious and nutritious. If you are planning to make a delicious sandwich or a meal, their fresh cold cuts are simply the perfect choice. They own a state of the art processing unit that always brings you the best. 

Contact: 1800 270 1285

4. Gigg’s Meat

If you are looking for excellent quality and perfectly cut meats, Gigg’s Meat is the right place. The company started out with the goal of providing customers with high-quality meat sourced directly from local farms. They make sure that every order they deliver is fresh, of excellent quality, affordable, and of proper weight. 

Contact: +91 8800 223 722

Website: https://www.giggsmeat.com/product-category/mutton/

5. Licious 


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I am sure you have heard about this brand and must have also seen it in television advertisements with Anil Kapoor in them. This brand has simply put our lives in the best possible order. If you go on their website, you will see everyday deals and a huge variety to choose from. Apart from the normal meat and cold cut options, they also deliver plant based meat, meat masala, and spreads. 

Contact: 1800 419 0786

Website: https://www.licious.in/ 

6. Zappfresh


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Zappfresh offers meat that is totally chemical-free, has no preservatives, and guarantees freshness. You can order from their incredible selection of chicken, mutton, seafood, cold cuts, and ready-to-eat and cook foods.You can also order party packs, which will be the best option if you have guests coming over. They also have a specialty meat option that serves duck, turkey, quail, and Kadaknath chicken as well. 

Contact: 9015622366

Website: https://www.zappfresh.com/ 

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Have you tried any of these? Let us know how was your experience.

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