5 Reasons Why Every Indian Must Watch Dharohar Bharat Ki Documentary

by Shreya Rathod
5 Reasons Why Every Indian Must Watch Dharohar Bharat Ki Documentary

India — a country filled with innumerable languages, cultures, ethnicities, religions and a dream of freedom! The uniqueness of our country is seen every 100 metres. And we at Curly Tales love to bring the fascinating stories of this diversity to you! Taking this enthusiasm a step further, Kamiya Jani, our Editor-in-Chief, is featured in a two-part documentary called “Dharohar Bharat Ki”, where the first episode released on 14th April. And the second shall come out on the 15th of April on Jio Cinemas, Doordarshan and even Aaj Tak. But more importantly, here’s why every Indian must watch this documentary film.

5 Reasons To Watch Dharohar Bharat Ki

1. Learn About The Contributions Of Our Freedom Fighters

freedom fighters
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India has a long history of colonial rule and freedom struggle. Freedom fighters like Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel and many others have made innumerable sacrifices to accomplish the dream of a free India. In this documentary film, you will get to know about our freedom fighters and their struggle. From making India an independent country to framing its constitution, everything you need to know about the story of independent India is in this documentary.

2. It Is Your Chance To Know About The Rich Indian Heritage Sites

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India has witnessed many iconic events and is home to various heritage sites. The documentary shows you some of the rich heritage sites that you must know about. From the ancient Indus Civilisation sites like Dholavira to the iconic Red Fort, every place has its story. And this is the second reason why you must watch the “Dharohar Bharat Ki” docu-film — to know our heritage sites!

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3. Introduces You To New Locations, So You Can Make Travel Plans

ross island
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Apart from preserving ancient sites, there is a focus on creating new tourism destinations for travel enthusiasts. Travelling to different cities and exploring the place not only makes you independent but also helps you gain a little more knowledge about our country. The film takes you to different places that you must visit at least once!

4. Highlights The Spirituality Of India And Its Many Facets

mahakaleshwar temple
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India is a spiritual country and hosts people from every religion. Inclusivity, love, kindness and spiritual outlook are the values that we have been taught. The film takes you on an enigmatic journey of spirituality where you get to explore everything from jyotirlingas to shakti peethas. Some of the prominent spiritual sites shown in the documentary are Somnath Temple, Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ram Mandir and more.

5. An Insight Into The Rich History Of India

shore temple
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Even before the colonial invasion, India had a rich history and was the birthplace of many brave personalities. Throughout our country, you will see magnificent architecture that showcases its prosperity. In addition to this, you will also find the influence of various cultures on the monuments. This is due to the country’s diverse nature and its ability to accept everyone.

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A truly beautiful place like India should be loved and cherished. You can watch the documentary on Jio Cinema here. Also, on Doordarshan and AajTak.

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