5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Best Experience

by Aditi Singh
5 Reasons Why Traveling Solo Is The Best Experience

Traveling Solo is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the road to self exploration can never go in vain. Though sometimes challenging, but while traveling alone, you are more prone to surprising revelations about the world and yourself. Don’t you think its worth stepping out of your comfort zone for something that hold the promise of new revelations and perspectives. So here I have tried to very simply specify what traveling alone can bring to you in return as a person.

1. Different Perspectives – Variety Is A Spice Of Life 

Your perspective about life , yourself and you is what narrates your experiences. One perspective means one kind of experience. More perspectives means varied experiences . If you open yourself to experience different perspectives, the avenues of living an exciting life increases. Simply because you know now a little more than others know about something. This also reveals to you something about yourself which is, how adaptive you are as a person and boy being adaptive is very essential to staying happy and keeping boredom at bay

2. Makes You Socially More Comfortable And Outgoing

Traveling solo will compel you ( if you are the introvert kind) to interact with people. This is of course for those introverts who are seeking change.  And it seems like locals are less hesitant to approach a lone traveler and be more willing to help you. Now that’s amazing because this opens the window to some company if the conversation goes well. Though you may still have to be vigilant with those who are over friendly.

3. You Choose Your Experiences

Solo trips come without the baggage of having to cooperate with fellow travelers. Hence you choose what you want to do with your day and how you want to experience it. Adjusting to other people’s needs is no longer something you need to incorporate in your plans.

Solo travel allows you to choose activities and and adventures the way you like. This can make your trip feel more satisfying and you will definitely derive value for money.

4. You And Yourself

You are your best person. And this equation with yourself will take you places. Quite literally. How? Well the more comfortable you are in your own company, the less bound you are to other people’s choices and availability. What we mean is if you are less dependent on others for fun, comfort and company,  you will have more freedom to do that all by yourself whenever you like.Friends, spouses and even family will all have their own things to deal with and will not always be available for you. So get yourself a map, a backpack, some bucks in your pocket and set out and away from the routine..

5. Feeling More Confident 

This one is a natural culmination of all the 4 points above. Discovering yourself and traveling have one thing in common. That is, they both are a journey. And a very natural consequence of this journey is confidence. With awareness comes confidence. The more you become aware, the more your confidence rises. Why? Because traveling alone throws challenges at you. You are your only support and when you realize you can get through this alone with experiences to cherish, you feel confident in yourself.