5 Safe Destinations UAE Residents Can Travel To

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
5 Safe Destinations UAE Residents Can Travel To

Come December, UAE residents will enjoy a 5-day long weekend. 1 December marks the Commemoration Day, followed by another two-day break n Wednesday, December 2, 2020 and Thursday, December 3, 2020. These three public holidays plus two-day weekend will get the residents much-needed five-day break.

If you’re looking for a short break, here are safe destinations which are open for UAE citizens and residents during the pandemic.

1. Maldives

Effective 10 September 2020, all tourists and travellers entering the Maldives for a short‑term stay must present a negative COVID‑19 PCR test result. The test must be conducted within 96 hours of departure from the first port of embarkation. The result has to be attached along with the online Immigration and Health self‑declaration form, completed 24 hours before departure.

In addition, all tourists must have a confirmed hotel reservation for their stay at a registered tourist facility. The visa on arrival facility is currently available. Passengers and airline crew are subject to medical screening on arrival. Upon arrival, travelers need not undergo quarantine measures. However, some resorts might ask travellers to self-isolate upon arrival. Travellers should download the contact tracing app TraceEkee to allow authorities to trace any possible spread of the virus.On that note, Meet The Dubai Couple Whose 10 Day Honeymoon Turned Into Two Months.

2. Seychelles

Seychelles International Airport is open for scheduled commercial flights and only passengers from Permitted Countries. The UAE is on this list, so you can plan a trip to this paradise this December. The countries are divided into two categories. The first category includes counties from low and medium risk, while the second one consist of countries given special status.

Special status is given to France and UAE as well as for Austraia, Germany, Italy and Switzerland from 16 November onwards.

Covid‑19 Testing Requirements

All travellers, including infants and children must have a negative COVID‑19 PCR certificate from an accredited laboratory to enter Seychelles. All visitors will be required to take a PCR test after the fifth night in Seychelles. This means that testing will be conducted on the sixth day after the arrival of the visitor.

For travellers from the first category must take the test not more than 72 hours before departure from the point of origin. Those from countries in the second category must take the test not more than 48 hours before departure from the point of origin. After arrival into Seychelles, the visitors from the second category must stay in a designated establishment and may not leave the premises for the first 6 nights.

Required Forms

All travellers, including children, infants as well as Seychellois and all foreigners must submit Health travel authorisation (HTA) for approval. Passengers must have details of their passport, a recent valid negative COVID 19 PCR test, their travel itinerary, hotel bookings, other relevant information as well as a payment card to complete the application. HTA will be processed at a charge of EUR 45 for all travellers, except for Seychelles passport holders the fee will be EUR 5.40. An additional amount of EUR 90 will be charged for urgent applications, which will be processed within 30 minutes. The HTA can be presented in a form of hard or soft copy. Permitted hard copies are a paper print out or PDF and soft copies are Mobile app/ Apple Passbook versions.

3. Egypt

All passengers including Egyptians travelling to Egypt must submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate 72 hours before departure.

International Passengers who are travelling directly to Sharm el Sheikh, Taba, Hurghada, and Marsa Alam airports who failed to submit a valid PCR test must undergo the PCR test upon arrival to those airports with charge of 30 USD. Those passengers will be isolated in their hotels till the PCR test result is received. In case the PCR is positive, passenger will be self-isolated in their room at the hotel and must coordinate with the Egyptian Ministry of health.

The submitted PCR certificate must include the hour and the date of withdrawal of the sample, which is the date on which the 72 hours will be counted. The test must be conducted by an accredited laboratory and stamped with the laboratory’s stamp. The certificate will be accepted in Arabic or English language.

Passengers coming to Egypt will be followed up for 14 days by The Quarantine Authorities and Ministry of Health Offices.

4. Lebanon

All passengers travelling to Lebanon, except children under 12 years old, must take a COVID‑19 PCR test in a laboratory certified by the country’s local authority. The test must be done no later than 96 hours between the release of the negative test result and the date of arrival in Lebanon. The negative COVID‑19 PCR test result must be presented at check‑in to be accepted on the flight.

Upon arrival, passengers must complete an online medical form and choose to take another COVID‑19 PCR test no later than 72 hours at their own expense. Alternatively they can also stay in home or hotel quarantine for a period of 10 days from the date of their arrival in Lebanon.

Honeymoon in Lebanon

5. Jordan

Tourists travelling to Jordan must take a COVID‑19 PCR test before departure. The test must be conducted within 120 hours of departure. In addition, travellers must also complete requirements on the Visit Jordan website. Upon arrival, passengers undergo a will undergo a second COVID‑19 PCR test and must follow a 7‑day self‑quarantine.

All arriving passengers must complete the requirements on the Visit Jordan website and pay the charges for COVID‑19 PCR testing. Passengers must enter their flight details on the website. Upon completing payment, passengers will receive a QR code as approval for travel. Passengers must also submit a Passenger Health Declaration and Locator form. The QR code, COVID‑19 PCR test certificate and health forms must be presented at check‑in for verification.

Children below 5 years old are not required to take a COVID‑19 PCR test before departure. Besides, children below 5 years, if escorted by their parents are exempted from QR Code.

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