5 Things To Do At Dubai’s Global Village

by Deeplata Garde
5 Things To Do At Dubai’s Global Village

The record-breaking Global Village is one of the key highlights of Dubai, and if you haven’t visited this place, you have to check it out before it closes. And while you make plans, keep in mind that Tuesdays at Global Village are for ladies and families. Visit several countries, learn about their culture, enjoy delicious cuisines, shop, and enjoy the world tour only at Global Village.

Here’s A List Of 5 Activities To Do At Global Village Before It Ends

1. Amusement For Kids

Global Village has created the ideal package of amazement for children, families, and thrill-seekers. It ensures that it will be a memorable experience.
The kids will enjoy a trip to Ripley’s Odditorium, the 4D moving theatre, as well as the Amazing Mirror Maze. They may next visit the Peter Rabbit Adventure Zone before finishing the day at the Carnival funfair with kid-friendly rides and activities.

2. Foodie Experience

While you may come for the attractions and shopping, don’t forget that deep within the magnificent pavilions and arches lies a world of culinary exploration. Global Village is a popular culinary attraction for guests who appreciate its diverse options. In an open food park, visitors may sample a range of culinary traditions, as well as traditional Asian specialities at the Floating Market. Happiness Street is another popular destination in Global Village.

3. Adventure Junkies Paradise

Be ready to be fully amazed by a 75-feet-high dive tower, jet-ski fire-jumps, and gravity-defying double fly-board action stunts. For the first time in the Middle East, Chase Testa, a high diver, and James Robert Curtis, the UK’s leading fly boarder, will perform water stunts that will have you biting your nails.

4. Fireworks

The spot comprises 26 country pavilions representing 80 cultures, carnival experiences, entertainment, and fun-filled attractions. It’s a hub of activities for guests of all ages. Hence the multicultural destination is the ideal place to spend an exciting Eid vacation. Every Friday and Saturday at 9 p.m., residents may now enjoy the stunning firework performance.

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5. For The Perfume Lovers

If you want to amuse your aromatic sensations with an inexpensive yet decent scent, go to Global Village. It’s an ideal location for purchasing fragrances from throughout the world. At the KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and Lebanon pavilions, you’ll find a wide variety of perfumes to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

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