5 Things To Do In Munroe Islands, The Hidden Pearl Of Backwaters Of Kerala!

Munroe Island
by Mallika Khurana

Eight islands make up the group of islands known as Munroe Island, a gem tucked away in the backwaters of Kerala. Far from the constant chaos of modern life, it offers a distinctive and serene environment. There are many coconut trees here, fewer people, and most importantly, total silence because there aren’t many cars driving through this village. Munroe Island won’t let you down if you’re looking to relax and live in nature while also getting a taste of village life. 

5 Things To Do In Munroe Islands

Munroe Islands Kerala

Photo Credits: Canva

Here’s how to spend some peaceful and serene days here:

  • One of the most well-liked activities on Munroe Island is the canal cruise. Even if you don’t intend to stay, you should still give it a shot. You’ll be taking a boat through a network of small canals that are lined with palm and coconut trees.
  • After travelling around the island by boat, it’s time to go on foot or by bicycle. Being able to observe Munroe Island up close makes it one of the most distinctive things to do there. On this island, you can engage in extensive birdwatching and see kingfishers, cranes, and egrets.
  • You can find a variety of mouthwatering seafood here because Munroe Island is surrounded by lakes, canals, and backwaters. You can satiate your palate with prawns, crabs, and a variety of fish. The Island offers vegetarians the opportunity to savour the regional cuisine of Kerala. 
  • One of the first churches built in Kerala is a Dutch church, which is located on Munroe Island. Its red brick construction and Dutch-Kerala fusion architecture date back to AD 1878. To get here, you must cross a railroad track and go through some fields. 
  • You should also check out the S-curve viewpoint, a path that divides Ashtamudi Lake from the backwaters. On one side of this location, you will see calm waters, and on the other, flowing water. The sunrises and sunsets at this location are quite well-known. 

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Best Time To Visit There & Accessible Means Of Travel

Munroe Islands Kerala

Photo Credits: Canva

Before continuing on to Munroe Island, you’ll be travelling to Kollum, which is the closest city. The closest airport is Trivandrum Airport, if you want to fly. Numerous intra-state and interstate trains stop in Kollam as well. You can get to Kollam on any of the many KSRTC buses that operate throughout the state. To get to Munroe Island from there, you will need to change onto a few private buses. 

Due to the island’s tropical climate, it is always hot and muggy, especially during the day. So, October through February is the best time to visit Munroe Island if you want to avoid the heat. The monsoon season in Kerala begins in June and can last until September. In recent years, the monsoon season has also seen an increase in floods, making it unfavourable to visit.

If you want to see Kerala’s villages up close and enjoy the backwaters away from the tourist trail, this is the place to go.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva