Sudha Murty’s UK Address “10 Downing Street” Leaves UK Immigration Officers In Disbelief 

by Sanjana Shenoy

Sudha Murty, the acclaimed author, philanthropist and wife of Infosys founder, Narayan Murty is revered across India and the world for her simplicity, humility and wisdom. The mother-in-law of UK Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak is facing an unusual problem during her visits to the UK — people can’t believe her son-in-law is the UK PM. Recently, she shared a hilarious incident on The Kapil Sharma Show.

UK Immigration Officers Can’t Believe Sudha Murty Is UK PM’s Mother-In-Law

On a recent episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, Sudha Murty graced her presence along with the Oscar-winning producer of The Elephant Whisperers, Guneet Monga and actor Raveena Tandon. In this episode, Sudha Murty narrated a hilarious incident about her visit to the UK to meet her daughter Akshata Murty and her son-in-law, Rishi Sunak.

The 72-year-old said that she once travelled to the UK with her elder sister. The UK immigration officer asked her about her residential address in the UK. At that time, her son also lived there but she didn’t remember his complete address. She wondered if she should write the UK PM Rishi Sunak’s address instead. So, finally, she wrote the address as ’10 Downing Street’.

sudha murthy

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

At that time, the UK immigration officer looked at her shocked with disbelief in his eyes and asked her if she was joking. But Sudha Murty sincerely told him she was telling the truth. Looks like the UK airport officials had quite a shock to witness the UK PM’s mother-in-law herself, dressed in a simple sari. After all, ’10 Downing Street’ is the official residence as well as office of the Prime Minister of the UK.

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Dilip Kumar, Her Childhood Hero

She went on to add that people can’t believe a 72-year-old lady, dressed in a simple sari can be the UK PM Rishi Sunak’s mother-in-law. Sudha Murty later revealed on the show that growing up, her childhood hero was legendary actor Dilip Kumar. She called his performances “lajawab” and quipped that Shah Rukh Khan is the only one who can portray a depth of emotions on screen like Dilip Kumar.

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Well, what do you think about Sudha Murty’s heartfelt, candid even hilarious anecdotes on the show?

Cover Image Courtesy: @sudha_murthy_official/ Instagram