UK Govt Is Encouraging Smokers To Switch To Vapes From Cigarettes. Well?

by Shreya Ghosh
UK Govt Is Encouraging Smokers To Switch To Vapes From Cigarettes. Well?

The UK government has come up with an interesting scheme to achieve the goal of being “smoke-free” by the year 2030. The government made the announcement of this plan in April 2023. According to the newly announced strategy, the government is encouraging smokers to swap their habits to vaping. Named the “swap to stop” scheme, this is a nationwide step taken to assist the country’s smokers quit. To know about this scheme for switching to vapes, read on!

Why Is The UK Government Asking Smokers To Swap Cigarettes For Vapes?

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This scheme will provide mostly all the 1 in 5 smokers with a vape starter kit. With the kit, they will also be receiving behavioural support. For pregnant women, this scheme will provide additional vouchers and support so that they fight against smoking addiction. Not just the United Kingdom, but several governments around the world are taking initiatives to help citizens to quit by switching to vapes.

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This new scheme by the UK government can encourage many countries to do something with vaping so that smokers can ditch the traditional smoking habit. But there is still a lot of taboo and misconception about vaping all around the world.

Not All The Countries Agree With Such Moves!

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The United Kingdom government, various countries, and governments are choosing vapes as the solution to help smokers to stop their smoking addiction but not everyone has the same opinion on this decision. Recently, a study has been conducted by CARMA and RELX that focuses on countries and their perception towards vaping. The report states that countries such as Egypt, KSA, and the United Arab Emirates have a negative opinion of vaping. The spotlight in these countries is on the impacts and disadvantages of using vapes.

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Respondents who participated in this survey shared their opinions on vaping, smoking, and attempts to quit smoking.

  • 70% of adult smokers tried to quit smoking but many of them failed in the process.
  • 83% of cigarette smokers shifted to vaping and they will mostly not smoke the usual cigarettes again.

What is your opinion on the “swap to stop” scheme launched by the UK government?

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