Buzzing After The Rain! UAE Launches Anti-Mosquito Plan To Combat Breeding Grounds

UAE's fight against mosquitoes.

by Deeplata Garde
Buzzing After The Rain! UAE Launches Anti-Mosquito Plan To Combat Breeding Grounds

In the wake of heavy rainfall across the UAE in recent months, the mosquito population has swelled, prompting the Emirates to ramp up its efforts in combatting the infestation.

Urgent Call to Action In UAE Against The Buzzzzzz!

As part of the intensified anti-mosquito plan, UAE residents are urged to report areas with high mosquito activity by dialling the hotline number 8003050. Additionally, the public is encouraged to identify and report locations with stagnant water, and notorious breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Eliminating Breeding Grounds

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In addition to reporting sightings, citizens are advised to take proactive measures to eliminate stagnant water sources, such as fountains, pools, old tyres, barrels, and empty containers, which serve as ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Tips To Ward Off Mosquitoes

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To safeguard against mosquito bites, it’s essential to take preventive measures:

  1. Apply insect repellents containing DEET or picaridin to exposed skin, following re-application instructions diligently.
  2. Rainfall Boosts Mosquito Population
  3. Ensure proper installation of window and door screens to keep mosquitoes at bay and prevent entry into living spaces.
  4. Opt for light-coloured, loose-fitting clothing with long sleeves and trousers to minimise exposure.

The recent surge in mosquito activity can be attributed to the abundant rainfall experienced across the UAE in recent months. Benefitting from the conducive breeding conditions, mosquitoes have proliferated, necessitating swift action to mitigate their impact on public health.

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Anti-Mosquito Campaign In Full Swing

Mosquitoes in UAE
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The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment for the UAE has announced the commencement of the third phase of its anti-mosquito campaign. Initiated in 2022 and scheduled to conclude in 2025, the campaign employs various strategies, including thermal fogging to eradicate mosquitoes and their larvae, as well as drainage efforts to remove stagnant water from flooded areas.

Uniting Against the Mosquito Onslaught

As the UAE grapples with an upsurge in mosquito activity, citizens must play an active role in combatting the infestation. By promptly reporting sightings and eliminating breeding sites, individuals can contribute to safeguarding public health and mitigating the nuisance posed by mosquitoes. With concerted efforts and community participation, the UAE stands united in its fight against the buzzing invaders, striving to create a safer and more comfortable environment for all.

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