Ashneer Grover Is All About Numbers, Even When It Comes To The Views On His Reels

How many reels on Instagram are too many reels?

by Ankita Mazumdar
Ashneer Grover Is All About Numbers, Even When It Comes To The Views On His Reels

Ashneer Grover’s clever tips and tricks on money-making and financial management are always top-notch. He was one of the most daring judges on Shark Tank India Season 1. Ashneer was straightforward enough to tell the truth. If you ever want a reality check, he is the best person to go to! On this episode of Sunday Brunch, our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani, met with him and learnt that he can’t stop himself from checking the views on his Instagram reels. Honestly, same!

Ashneer Grover Constantly Checks His Reel Views

We are well aware that the money mastermind, Ashneer, is all about numbers but little did we know he is also about numbers and analytics when it comes to his Instagram account. While chatting about his Instagram addiction, he revealed to us that he has a higher screen time for Instagram because he is addicted to it. The millennials and Gen Zs can relate hard!

He told us that he has a habit of continuously monitoring its insights to find out how many people saw it with every reel he posts. He is extremely driven by numbers and cannot help it. There is always a motive behind whatever task he undertakes. 

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He also gets worked up when his reels are not doing well and thinks about what can be done to gain more likes and views. Seems like he is also bound to Instagram as every content creator is and tries to crack the forever-changing algorithm of this app.

With Fame, He Had To Be Active On Social Media

Ashneer Grover
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After talking about his addiction to Instagram, we were kind of surprised to learn that social media fame did not come easy for him. He was not so number-driven for Instagram but with fame and success, social media fame came a lot more easily. Hence, making trending reels on Instagram is not so out of the league for him now.

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Let us know if you are also addicted to this social media app and post reels and then keep a tab on the analytics.

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