Ashneer Grover Talked About The Real Flavour Of Pani Puri; Where Is The Lie?

Ashneer Grover debated the real name of Pani Puri.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Ashneer Grover Talked About The Real Flavour Of Pani Puri; Where Is The Lie?

For this Sunday Brunch episode our Editor-in-Chief, Kamiya Jani met the mastermind, Ashneer Grover, at his residence, The Camellias in Gurgaon. He shared many hacks and tricks regarding money-making techniques. If you want to know more then watch the entire video. We also learned that according to him this particular thing is essential for the flavour of pani puri. Let’s check out what it is.

Ashneer Grover Said That The Real Flavour Of Pani Puri Comes From…

We began the food segment of our Sunday Brunch and one by one each dish was brought out. There was chaat, burrata, asparagus, pani puri and more. Just as Ashneer Grover saw a couple of pani puris plated on the table, he couldn’t help but talk about it. He said, “Har jagah alag cheez bolte rehte hai, kabhi pani puri, kabhi puchka bolte hai, right?” To this Kamiya added that some places call it gol gappa.

According to Ashneer Grover, pani puri and gol gappe are the same. He said that it depends on how this food is served. He said the vendor’s pani puri tastes different because the bhaiya personally pours the water into them. The ones plated elegantly in front of him won’t taste the same as the bhaiya’s pani puri. Kamiya knew where he was heading and started to laugh out loud.

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Ashneer continued, “Bhaiya ke haath ka taste bhi toh aana chaiye.” To which Kamiya added “paseeney ka bhi” and he agreed to it instantly. Then he mentioned, “That is where the real flavour is coming from,” and both started laughing because it was slightly true. Do you agree that it is much better when you eat pani puri from vendors and not at a fancy place?

He Would Look For A Spare House For Kamiya At The Camellias

Ashneer Grover
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Kamiya Jani congratulated Ashneer Grover and his wife, Madhuri Jain Grover on this beautiful residence. She mentioned that The Camellias is “One of the most expensive homes in India.” To this, they were like “Humne bhi aisa suna hai!” Kamiya said, “Kuch chillar reh gaye hai 700 – 800 crore. Yaha par aa jayega ghar?” Upon hearing this Madhuri was impressed and Ashneer said that he might try to look for something here. They all started laughing.

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